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Flying Like Crazy

Life has been intensely crazy lately.  There hasn’t even been time to blog….one of my favorite pass times. That should be a clue to me, that I need to cut back.   I’ll hit the highlights. My last blog was about Jacob getting burnt.  To which he has healed in quick order.  Thankfully there were no complications.  One week from Jacobs injury….Nathaniel comes crying into the house stating that he got shocked/burned at the new hanger.  Apparently, he was helping Aubrey vacuum out the van and the electrical cord had some exposed wires.  He touched them, receiving a 220 volt jolt.  He said he couldn’t let go until it threw him down on the floor.  Fortunately the electrical current went in one finger and out the other.  Leaving blistering burns, but otherwise unharmed.  Nathaniel had a birthday in March and is now 8.  He ordered a British trifle for his birthday treat.  I’m glad a snippet of their British heritage shines through in desert requests. : )  Nathaniel also came down with his firs

They Were Right!!!! “When it Rains it Pours!”

Thailand was so peaceful and restful to me.  As I boarded the planes on Thursday to make my way home…..little did I know what would await me at Papua. Thursday evening, was full of fun, as I met Andrew in Jakarta for an orthodontic appointment and a “date”.  His request, my bill = Burger King and Dairy Queen.  I loved being with him.  I felt so “safe”, as Andrew now towers a good 3-4 inches over me.  I told him he was like my body guard and wow, what extravagant dates he goes on with his parents! ; )  He loved showing me around the city.  We crashed and arose at 3 a.m. to catch our flight home to Papua. Our flight was uneventful.  We were warmly greeted by eager boys and an even more eager husband.  He gave me a quick peck, much to the talk of all the onlookers (I think it was a social taboo, oops).  We didn’t hang around to find out.  The boys had a basketball game.  Which they won (yeah, yeah, yeah).  Then a lovely supper with the six of us.  To which there were many resounding “t