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The Fairy Is Here

Growing up Mother and I would often labor together in the kitchen over a meal. Using this pot, pan, bowl, cutting board, knives, spoons, more bowls, more pans….you know the scenario all to well.  Because it is repeated in kitchens all across the world.  Then the meal is consumed and even more dishes are dirtied.  Yet nothing is as satisfying and gratifying as eating a yummy home cooked meal by Mom and the family chitter chatter that can only occur at such occasions or routines.  Then the time always arrives, when enough food has been consumed and relaxation taken place, to clean up.  My mother and I would often say, “Oh, if only the Fairy’s would come and clean it all up for us.”  Perhaps we hoped if we said it loud enough the male “Fairy’s” (Dad and brother’s) would hear. As I ventured off and had my own family the same constant onslaught of dirty dishes was ever present.  Dishwashers became a blessing.  If nothing else the dirty dishes were being washed by a machine and hidden out o

If Boy’s Could Fly

If a boy had wings or a way to invent any flying contraption, I am convinced that most would try to fly.  At least the boys in my family.  Super Man PJ’s have inspired imaginary flights.  Books have taken them on flights around the world.  Computer flight simulators have taken them everywhere they wanted to go.  I think all of them have jibber jabbered to me at one time or another about wanting to fly or soar or jump from high places.  Usually I just smile and nod little mothering nods as they ramble on about these dreams and desires. Moving here to live on an aviation base, I knew that there would be a possibility that opportunities would arise for the boy’s to fly.  But when reality becomes truth it becomes a little bit harder to mask on the smile and nod the approving head and let them soar.  Yet mothering has this way of pulling the apron strings a little looser as the years fly by and so Aubrey took his first flight to the mountains this week. It’s all my own fault really.  Aubr

The World is our Playground

Some things in America I have taken for granted.  One being playgrounds.  It’s always such a childhood treat to find a new playground and America is doted with a grand variety of these childhood pleasures.  Here in Indonesia we are fortunate to find a set of monkey bars.  So you can only imagine the delight as the knowledge of our world in Papua grows.  Here on the complex where we live, there are not monkey bars.  Yet, in the new hanger there are rolling carts.  In the old hanger there is a plane with no battery in it, so the children can let their imaginations fly to their hearts content.             Not only are we blessed with a lovely place to raise our family with a unique playground, but there is also a swimming pool.  It is about 15 minutes from our house and is chlorinated.  The pool is only open to the xpats living here.  What a wonderful reprieve, when the afternoons sore into the 90’s.  It’s a $100 for 6 months.  We are getting our money’s worth!  I do water ae

Between 12 and 40

It’s always fun to kick the New Year off with 2 birthdays almost back to back.  Andrew turned 12 on January 12.  We promised to help build him a large out door, walk in, bird cage for his Parrot that will arrive once the cage is built.  However, before the great building project took place, all the boys, Darron and Zach went for a hike to the local waterfall.  Darron said it was pristine.  All the boys came back with glowing reports of adventure and beauty.  Then Darron and Andrew went to multiple little supply stores looking for the parts to build this cage.  Nobody carried screws.  Where was Home Depot?  And once again we are learning that NOTHING happens fast in Papua.  Eventually we will get the screws and the parrot cage will begin it’s construction.  Andrew really wanted some cream cheese for his Birthday.  We have not eaten any since arriving to Indonesia.  I found a 3 pound block for $16 dollars. Quite an extravagant purchase!!!!  : ) Half of it went in the freezer, but with t

All in a Day

All in a Day.  We are well into our third week in Papua.  Feeling more and more at home as the new becomes more familiar.  Today we started school.  It’s amazing the resources that were pulled together.  So never fear my “un socialized” home school children WILL excel.  The boys are thriving in this world of airplanes and grand freedom.  They did not protest too loudly at having to buckle down to some books and studying today.  We just had to take a break when a helicopter used our grass strip to do its insurance inspection.  It was awesome to see the tall grass being whipped by the propeller and its ability to hover and maneuver tricky feats close to where we sat.   All our “barang” (stuff) arrived from Bandung.  The way it left us is the way it came….piled high on a pick up truck.  To say that it arrived in port over Christmas holidays and New Year came and went … all arrived, nothing stolen, in a mere 3 weeks.  So now we have our car, BUT we cannot use it.  That news about t