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Last Flight

Bob and his daughter, Stephanie, flying on a different day in Papua . Jan and Bob It was another ordinary Wednesday in Papua.  The rain had come down all night.  Leaving the runway soggy.  6 a.m. I had finished reading my Bible and I hear Bob take off on first flight.  I think, “Wow, he is early this morning!”  Then the typical morning craziness starts in my house.  The cooking of a hot breakfast.  Packing school lunches.  Signing forms.  Arranging pick ups.  Off to school.  Exercise.  Home. Unfortunately, the freezer has frozen over so much that the door is on longer sealing.  It’s a forced, defrost the freezer day.  Out comes all the food.  Towels are laid everywhere.  Drip. Drip.  Jacob is on his 3rd day of not feeling well.  It has been a week of no routine.  No home school.  POP a video into the DVD player for Jacob and lucky little brother to watch.  I go into the office. I hear the plane take off again, 2nd flight. BOOM .  A sickening feeling enters my stomach.  That wasn

We Don’t Want to Come Back, Mom

Two years ago, we were still very much newbies on this Papuan Island.  Having only lived in this part of Indonesia for about 3 or 4 months.  Home schooling is the only education my children had known.  We were quite excited when Amy Martin decided to lead in an all weekend youth group meeting, which would include home school kids.  So we jumped in (along with many others) to pull this event off.  It was through this weekend of hanging out with many of the middle school kids, that attended the International School, that helped Aubrey and Andrew decided that they would like to go to HIS (Hillcrest International School).   This decision was not made lightly.  However, it has proved to be key to Aubrey and Andrew thriving in Papua.  School is school and some days get very long, but overall they LOVE it.  Often I stand in awe at the teachers and leaders that God has called to serve at HIS, so that families like ours can serve well here.  I have been impressed with the goals of the school a

Removal of the Fishing Spear and other “Big One” Stories…..

My phone rings as I am preparing lunch.  It’s Doctor Di. “Ruth, can you come help me remove a fishing spear?”  “1:30, at the clinic”.  I didn’t have to rethink that offer twice.  This sounded intense.  As I finished lunch preparations for the family, my mind was already processing the things we would need.  Lidocaine, sterile drapes, Betadine, sterile gloves, Sterile surgical set up for suturing, a blade, getting the patient comfortable with pillows and protecting the linens. Tetnus up to date?   Antibiotics?  Lunch is served.  I quickly inhale mine and head out the door.  Bumping through 20 minutes of pot holes and traffic.  Wishing the air conditioner in the car, was more effective against the boiling heat. I must say it is kind of odd when your patient walks through the door and a spear is sticking out of his knee.  He really was handling it remarkably well. He was a bit pale, but seemed to be dealing with the pain and unusual circumstances in quite an heroic manner.  It was this m


I have been back in Papua from England for over a month.  England seems almost surreal as the days here are blurring into a hot humid nonstop motion.  I have hit a wall on how to capture a trip so meaningful with words and pictures.  And yet to not write about it would almost confirm that it didn’t happen.  Which is so not true.  So here is my feeble attempt to put England into words.  Of course if you are part of my Face Book following, then you saw many pictures and postings while I was there.  My parents were amazed at how quickly I would post events, sights, happenings, and people on Face Book.  It all started with the great sign of the elderly, which my dear “non elderly” parents posed for.  After jetting through the air and waiting in airports for going on 36 hours, meeting up with my parents at the Birmingham airport was lovely.  We drove to a nice Inn on the outskirts of Blackpool.  There I was able to get a great nights rest, Skype talk with the family back home, gather all