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Irreplaceable Value

Crash.  Shatter.  The sweet ornament my three student missionaries had given to us last year had toppled to the tile floor. “Adopted with Love”, with each of their names personally inscribed had not even hung for 5 minutes in the small synthetic tree. The unforgiving tile floor.  Claimer of dozens of glass cups over the years and other pottery/porcelain like items. Usually falls resulting in no second chances.  No redemption.  Most of the time it doesn’t bother me at all.  Other than the risk, mess, and time to clean up countless pieces of shards of glass.  Almost all the homes here in Indonesia are tile at best.  Some are cement, others are dirt and a few are bamboo or other wood.  The tile is cool and easy to clean, but it does not give way to falling glass. Jacob and Nathaniel had decorated for Christmas while Darron and I were away in Australia.  We had left them home alone for 8 days.  Well not really alone, but really.  I mean they had many “Aunts and Uncles” taking them to schoo