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Blood. Worms. Hello Kitty. Housemaids. And More.

I’ve decided to choose random photos that fascinate me and depict different aspects of life and culture here.
Take this blood stain on my side of the bed.  It’s small and near my shoulders or head.  What does it represent?  Hmmm???  Bed bugs?  Nope.  Mosquitos….yes.  We are blessed.  We have screens on our windows.  Most Papua people do not. Yet random mosquitos still enter our home.  Every time I see blood like this I wonder when I will get malaria next.  Even though we live in a country with a high prevalence of malaria, we have rarely had it.  Our diet, our resources, our knowledge and our prevention all contribute to this fact.  Blessed.  Reminded by blood in the bed.Beetle nut juice.  On the road, and the pavement where people walk.  More offensively when it’s on my car.  The juice is most fascinating when it is being spit out of people’s mouths.  A bright red spew of juice, that still catches me off guard.  Chewed socially and an important part of Papua culture (as it is to 10-20…