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Ta Rah I’m off to see the Queen

As many of you know, my dear Nanny (who was as sweet as a queen) struggled over the last few months and in January she breathed her last surrounded by many who loved her. (See my recent blog honoring my Nanny)   Nanny in America, with me….guessing I am in my mid teens.   The news of her death affected me deeply.  She was the grandparent that I had felt the closest too.  Despite living thousands of miles apart.  Despite not seeing her for 15 years.  15 years???  That hurt.  That I had not prioritized going to see her in England in 15 years.  Oh I had my reasons…..having 4 babies, home schooling, not enough money in the budget, part time working.  Life was so full.  But now that her life is gone, was my life really that full? So I told Darron that I would like to go to England this year.  Whenever.  Now or later.  Coming or going from furlough.  Obviously not for Nanny.  I’m too late for her.  Honestly for my self a

The Courage to SQUISH

I know that in the past I have written several blogs describing the incredible frustration with ants and roaches.  Everybody here has ants and roaches.  It is not a matter of cleanliness or a lack thereof.  It’s the TROPICS!  However, since moving to our new home the ant and roach problem has been minimal.  I know this was just a breather that I have been granted. One and a half years of glorious little bug issues.  The joy of being in a new home where nests and eggs have not yet been developed.  In our first home here in Papua, ants constantly ran all over the kitchen decks despite how much I squished them, cleaned, kept food put away.  In our new home I have been spoiled and could leave a mess on the counter for an hour or two and no ants would come.  They have always been in the back of my mind though, lest I become pious and think that my housekeeping was what was keeping the ants and roaches away.  So I have been diligent to always wash the dishes at night and try to leave the ki

No Kiss Goodbye

Darron left this morning, on an exploration trip.  He had just returned from a weekend trip to Papua New Guinea (the East half of our Island, but a different country).  There he was, travelling hours into the bush, meeting with Indonesian’s who have immigrated there.  In the brief hours Darron was home, he chatted away about the things he saw and observed.  It was a very stimulating parts of 3 days.  With many possibilities for ministry.  He saw thousands of acres of land stripped bare from the making of palm oil.  Also met with many people who were disappointed from turning over their land and not receiving any or little compensation in return.  So with all these thoughts whirling in his head and less then 18 hours, pit stop at home…..he was off again, with Pastor Desmond.  This time, back to Nabire.  Those two men have many things on their agenda…..but one of their plans is tomorrow they are taking a helicopter ride trying to locate unreached tribes.  If any of you have watched the