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The Struggle

Wow…..I’m really not sure where to start….except I think so often in missions we/I portray the mission glamor and not the struggle.  I hadn’t really thought about this until today.  Today has been a STRUGGLE.  With ALL CAPITAL letters.  Actually for me, personally it hasn’t been to bad.  I awoke at 5 a.m., had a great quiet time with Jesus, did the whole get 4 boys fed, supervised lunch making, filtered about 40 different messages from them and sent them out the door by 7:05.  Then I ran for about 30 minutes on the run way, made some scones (comfort food), bathed, gathered last minute teaching material together, greeted my house helper, sent some emails and ran out the door by 8:45. At the International school I mentored a high school girl for 45 minutes, and then taught a class 4th period on what Seniors should expect in the medical world upon returning to America.  Yep it was a 45 minute fire hose of information on everything from deductibles, co pays, HIPPA laws, 911, power of attor

Crazy Hospital Pickup

Recently, I was honored to go and pick up my neighbor who had a cyst removed the size of a grapefruit.  She was in a hospital about 45 minutes away.  Her husband, 4 year old and 2 year old sons had stayed with her.  Their only mode of transportation is a motorcycle.  So our mobile was a treat.  The first funny incident, was my neighbor’s hospital roommate.  She had a sweetly wrapped newborn in a pink blanket laying quietly in the basinet.  As the belongings were being gathered and carried to the car I jokingly teased the mother of the newborn that I would carry her baby to my car too.  And honestly there was this Mommy desire inside of me that desired for just a moment , a snuggly baby and a GIRL too.  Five minutes later, as I was helping my neighbor into the wheelchair I glanced across to the basinet where the grandmother was changing the diaper on the little one wrapped in pink.  To my surprise and humor, that little one wrapped in pink, should have been wrapped in blue.  The “girl

Shy Kisses and Canceled Flights

Kathleen is not only a great nurse and teacher, she is also a friend (and now a daughter….keep reading).  Last Fall on a medical outing together we chatted about her upcoming wedding in January.  Unfortunately, for most of us living in Papua, we could not go to Kathleen’s wedding because it was in Manado (a flight away).  Thus was born the idea of a wedding reception, in our yard, upon her return to Papua.   At last we decided upon the date of March 11.  And plans started going into motion.  Borrowed dresses and rented tents and chairs.  Church women cooking and a good friend/neighbor decorating.  Darron was due back that afternoon from an all week interior trip.  Perhaps not ideal, but he was game and so plans continued.  By 8:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, the preparations were well under way with dress alterations, food preparation, and silk flowers being arranged.  Early afternoon Darron flew in on the bush plane, tired but satisfied.  Dirty.  Happy to be home and take a hot showe

Medical Care by Youtube videos.

I wouldn’t recommend going to a medical professional for care who learns how to do the procedure you need from a youtube video.  Not wise.  Yet, here is Papua, this was KD’s option.  Her smashed toenail had a nasty smelly infection brewing underneath it. Being in the village for two weeks with days of mud, mud, and more mud…..had pushed KD’s toe to far.  The best way to “cure it”, was to remove it.  She needed a nerve block.  That is where the base of the affected digit is injected with Lidocaine so that the entire digit goes numb.  Time to roll up the sleeves and run to the science room and watch a youtube video on how to do a nerve block.  Our doctor was out of country.  I had seen her perform this technique perhaps two years prior and she had explained it a time or two.  My learning style is by actually DOING the activity……so up to this point, I was mildly aware, but certainly not “trained”. I admire, brave and courageous, KD who knew that I had little clue of what I was about to

From Imagination to Sight

The seal on my freezer door no longer seals.  So the job that used to be delayed for 3 months, now demands defrosting attention every month.  A job I have always procrastinated on, but even more so  the last 3 years.  I can no longer do this icy job without remembering Bob and the day his plane crashed and he died.  Memories that I would rather not remember and reality that to this day is painful for so many, including myself.  Defrosting my freezer is what I was in the midst of doing when the crash happened. Today, once again, I realize that I can procrastinate no longer.  The freezer must be defrosted.  As towels are laid on the floor and the ice begins to thaw,  I reflect again.  My reflecting jarred me into realizing that I need to tell you what is happening right now….because of Bob.    Bob’s older sister, Verna and her husband are HERE.  Here in Papua.  They are here to help build a church in Okyop. A remote tribal village, accessible by bush plane only.  Gary, Wendy, Cherise,