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Five not Six, Fiddlesticks

    I keep doing it.  6 plates.  6 forks.  And then I remember, right now we are 5 not 6.  Quickly gather the extra one up and put it away.  Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  We’ve got this.  We can do this.  It’s an 11 day stent of no husband.  No Dad.  Fiddlesticks.  This is the non glamorous side of mission life for us.  Only short little texts to keep the communication lines open.  It’s evangelism meeting time.  It’s not just plate and fork counts that are messed up.  It’s blinkers and windshield wipers.   Every year we go to America I wipe windows when I should be using the blinker.  I get it all figured out and straight and then it is time to return here.  Then I do the same thing in reverse.  Even a month out from returning, yesterday, I wiped instead of blinked.  Fiddlesticks. Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  We’ve got this.  It’s not raining.  That’s ok….I’m sure the windshield needed wiping.  Don’t worry, surely in 11 more days I’ll stop this silly beh

Mission Launch

It’s exciting to be part of a BIG project from the start.  From discussion and brain storming to reality.  Our whole family has weaved in and out of the plan to have a group of young adults come to Papua and help build a church in the Hobotongo area.  On spring break, Aubrey, Andrew, Darron and Pastor Rob went there to survey this possibility.  Over the summer, the planning continued.  Again, Aubrey and Andrew involved with planning and shaping of the vision.  Meetings with Pastor Rob and eventually meeting with the 4 young adults that were brave enough to say, “Yes” to a crazy, wild adventure. On the last Friday morning in July, the weary 4 finally landed here in Papua.  After over 24 hour delay of missed flights, cancelled flights and much airport unpleasantness.  Add those 24 hours to an already exhausting 72 hours and we were all hurting for them, willing them to get here, and loving them before they even arrived. Prior to their arrival, we ourselves had only returned a week f

12 Year Dream

I love people who think outside of the box.  Who dream big dreams and think creative thoughts. Whose minds spin in many different directions. I am married to someone like that.  I also work under someone like that.  Dr. Diane, whom we all affectionately call, Dr. Di.  She has dreamed a dream for the past 12 years.  A dream of offering a workshop to the village health workers who serve and work faithfully where they are, but who have not had the opportunity to receive more advance training.  A week long workshop.  Free to them.  With many different topics.  From dental, to HIV to respiratory to hypertension to wounds to IV’s to maternity care and much more. When a 12 year dream becomes reality, that is really exciting.  This week, here in Papua, it is happening.  Sponsored by the GIDI church the health workshops have concluded day three and have 2 more full days of scheduling.  Village health workers from very far places have come to learn.  They are eager for knowledge.  Dr. Di as