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For Those Who Want to Help

As we finish our third week in America today, we are reminded daily of how generous Americans are.  They have opened up their homes to us and fed us.  They have gifted us with a week away for Darron and I.  And very practical things like deodorant and Taco bell sauce!!! : ) Yet, many of you are still asking:, “How can we help?” We have medical items that are needed.  This is the link.  You can click and purchase whatever you feel led to give.    For some reason when people click on this link out is wanting to mail to them.  Our mailing address is: 1052 Mount Pleasant Rd.  Cookeville, TN. 38506. In more detail these items are needed because this year at our aviation program we intend to target 5 villages (remote and unreached) and along with Indonesian doctors and nurses focus on bringing health to them.  Our goal is to visit each village 9 to 10 times throughout the year providing preventative teaching and