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Deceptive Heart

I found myself early this past Monday dragging a small rolling suitcase through the non user friendly parking lot of our local commercial airport.  My heart deceiving me.  On one hand it is especially excited to be going to see Darron who has been away for ten days already and on the other hand it is reluctant to leave four boys alone.  Also, usually I don’t struggle with aerophobia……but it was nagging in the back of my mind as unfortunately too many airplane mishaps happen to this particular destination.  Yet I knew that fear cannot rule and deceitful hearts must be held in check.  So before I know it, we’ve safely touched down in Wamena.  The largest city supplied by air only.  Nestled by mountains on either side, this wide valley is an odd and delightful mixture of modern gas stations and a new hotel to within minutes of the city men in gourds and thousands of people living still very primitively.  The cool air is amazingly refreshing after months of our normal tropical heat.  I spo

Girls, Girls, Girls

This has been the school year of GIRLS!  Which has been quite a contrast to our houseful of boys. Little did I know last summer when Darron told me we would be having three student missionaries how that would impact me.  Oh, I knew that there would be time investment involved but I had no idea how it would look and flesh out into reality.    Now that OUR journey together in Papua has come to a close, I must reflect.  Lately I have likened the girls to being here like wearing a pair of warm gloves on a winter day.  At first putting the gloves on felt cumbersome and unnatural and it limited my motions and took lots of extra time.  Now I hardly think as the girls slip in and out of my days.  The glove of them just slides right on and right off again.  When plans get changed and they don’t show up in our normal routine, I find myself wondering about them and praying…… If I’ve misplaced my gloves and it is cold. Predictably spring has arrived, so quickly,  and now it is time to laun