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Two Second Glances

I still don’t understand why I saw her.  And why I cried.  It was a two second glance, if that.  Allow me to tell you this sweet story of faith and hope and love. I was returning from town with some of my boys in the car.  I noticed on a certain section of road, leaving town, that my friend’s car was parked.  We know most of our friends and acquaintances by the cars they drive.  As soon as I saw her car, on the opposite side of the road, I began looking for her.  I wasn’t disappointed because I quickly spotted her sitting, Indian style, on the ground by a small fire.  There were a few Papua ladies in the scene also.  Roasting corn.  What struck me was the beauty of my friend.  Her long silver hair.  Her pink blouse.  Her complete contentment and joy.  Her sense of belonging and peace.  And it resonated so deep in my heart that I wept.  A two second peep, if that, and I was still plunging 35-40 mph towards home.  I’m not a crier.  I rapidly wiped my tears away, before a boy would notice

Forty Six Things

I haven’t always chosen to see this man in the light that I see him now.  My eyes are fully open (at least bigger than they have been) and my heart is in awe.  That I would be so blessed! Join me in wishing Darron an amazing 46th Birthday. I wrote forty six things about his character that make up who he is.  They are in no particular order of importance, but each attribute builds on the other creating the one I am made complete with. Focused Generous Thoughtful Mission minded Hard Worker Loves People Loves me (really loves me…ok is just crazy about me) Heart of gold Loves to listen to others Loves to listen to me (now that takes a man of depth) Loves to make me happy Driven Not slothful Determined Sensitive A dedicated and attentive Father Down to earth Honest Passionate Heart after God Disciplined Does not like to be interrupted Supportive Visionary Adventurous Peaceable Strong willed Business minded Pastoral heart Great provider Full of integrity Did I already say, Determined?!!!? Kn

We Can Never Move “Home” Again

I recognize it as a gift of time.  An awesome privilege.  A Mom’s full cup.  “What was it?”, you may ask.  Too have ALL of our boys home for the holidays.  Such a treat.  Not all perfect, easy and fantastic.  Yet, deeply good! They, Aubrey and Andrew,  have transitioned.  They’ve made the leap.  From dependent and living at home to independent and living at a University and a boarding high school.  With schedules brimming to maximum capacity, jobs, extra curricular activities and fending for their own personal needs…..they are embracing life.  They returned to Papua changed.  And yet they returned eyes and souls wide open to receive what this land is good at giving.  Beauty.  Tropical awe.  Third world reality. Adventure.  Familiarity.  Friends.  Family.  And we stood.  Ready to embrace them.  Ready to stand back and let them take it all in and process where they have been and where they are now and where they are going.  And it was good.  It was not all easy.  A Mommy does not like to