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When Providing For Your Wife is NOT Enough

I’m writing a lot about our time in the States, because my blog has become a scrap book of memories to us.  Soon I will catch up and switch back to stories of here in Papua.  Which I know is what most of my audience wants to hear.  Thanks for bearing with me, while we tuck these stories away for family treasures in years to come.   When we arrived “home” on furlough we noticed the van tires seemed worn and they were also making road noise.  Over the next several weeks I would bring up the “tire subject” from time to time to Darron.  By week three, when I mentioned the “tire subject” I was trying to be really careful to not nag. Do you know what I mean?  It’s called timing and word choice. ; ) My heart was extra concerned about the tires because in just a few short weeks I had a exceedingly long road trip to make, as a “single” Mom.  From North Carolina to Texas.  The last thing I wanted was tire trouble.  “So could we please, just get the tires taken care of prior to this trip”? Bei

Rain, Rain, Go Away by Jacob and Ruth

  This May my family and I swooped to England for 5 days.  We went to the United Kingdom because my Mom was born in England and has a throng of family members there. I'm half British! England was pretty fantastic.  We did some snazzy cool stuff there in the cold wet rain.  First of all we froze and froze and froze a little bit more because we had come from tropical Papua, Indonesia.  My family and I stayed in my Great Uncle's House that was built in the 1600's. This house was made out of stone and wood, also slate was on the floor.  Many of the ceiling beams were thought to have come from an old ship.    Near the house that we were staying in there was a little park with this contraption that was like a teeter-totter that would spin around and go up and down.  Nathaniel and I rode it in the rain.  Also we swung on a big tire like thing that had mesh in the middle.  On the second day we were there we climbed up a mountain in the Lake District and saw the view.  We gazed

Duck Donuts by Jacob Boyd

Duck Donuts is a donut store in Outer Banks, North Carolina. They make their donuts right there, on the spot,  in the store. They are a very popular donut shop. Every morning there is a huge line all the way out into the parking lot.  At Duck Donuts you order your own custom designed donut.  Custom designed donut????!  Yes, first you must choose a glaze.  There are many flavors like: strawberry, orange, maple, regular glaze, chocolate and more.  The next choice is what topping you would like.  There are lots of toppings including: coconut, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, bacon, nuts,and more. When I went to Duck Donuts there was hardly anybody in the shop because it was 10:00 a.m.  I went with my Papa and cousin, Joshua.  We had gone to the store and bought buggy boards and our Papa brought us to the donut store to have a treat. When we walked in the fresh, rich, delightful smell greeted us.  First we filled out our order sheet.  I chose maple glaze and no topping.  Soon aft

Tick Tock its 8, 4, and 10 0’ Clock

I never would have imagined it just like this.  Saturday night.  4 double digit kids.  They are all in bed by 8:00 p.m.. My husband too.  Well I might as well hit the hay too. 4:00 a.m……I didn’t really imagine this either.  Susan Stubbs did try to warn me.  As she too lived here in Papua with 4 double digit boys.  She also heard cars roar to life before dawn.  She prayed as her kids went out.  Full of life.  Full of anticipation and adventure.  No fear.  No second thought for the fragility of life. It’s the beginning of surfing season. They will be back before 10:00 a.m.  Already having lived a full day of enough excitement to make many of you put on the kettle for another soothing cup of tea. Hello Papua. Hello gorgeous tropical beaches that beckon my children.  Yay to a Dad who is stretching and surfing too, to spend time with his kids. The waffles are made.  I’m ready to welcome them home and listen to the adventures……because its almost ten O’clock.  Four O’ clock will probab

Eric’s Aeronautical School (by Jacob Boyd)

I went to Eric's Aeronautical school this summer and learned how to build RC planes.  Eric is my 11 year old cousin.  Eric's Aeronautical School is brand new.  In fact i was his first student.  Eric loves anything that flies, except mosquitoes.   He has about 30 RC home made planes all over his room.     I was at Eric's Aeronautical school for 1/2 a day and built one airplane. He and his family live in Woodbury, Tennessee which is a little over an hour away from my Grandma's house where we were staying for part of our summer furlough.  I also had time to drive their go-cart and play on their x-box and still got a whole FT flyer plane complete.  Included in the building lesson came a free lunch.  It was a mouth watering warm Cheesy Italian sandwich.  Eric really helped me learn how to build an airplane.  We made it out of foam boards that come from the Dollar Tree and cut out the pattern from the board with xacto knives. The plans are found on the web site:  flight