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Summary of our Family Mission Trip

Many of you have “asked” for the rest of the story of our time in the Islands of Raja Ampat.  Sorry it has taken me so long to get this into a blog.  By the way, I am so humbled as we travel about in America, how many of you tell me that you read my blog.  It is releasing to write and rewarding to know I have an audience. YOU!  Thank you for honoring me with your time and your interest. By mid week, Nathaniel was well enough for us to join the rest of the family, in Sawendaurik, the remote village.  So from Wednesday through Saturday night we fell into a pattern of breakfast, children’s program somewhere around 10:00 ish, lunch, kids swimming, an afternoon lull, supper, then evening meetings. Nothing amazing happened.  Many of those days my children’s hearts were full of anticipation of the upcoming trip to America.  We didn’t do anything radical as missionaries nor did anything radical happen to us.  I met with several people who had complicated medical problems going on, but rathe