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Baby Taken

It seemed unjust, unfair.  Yet desire overruled what seemed right.  This was not a cultural misunderstanding.  Yet living in a foreign culture was allowing this activity to take place.  We watched more then curious spectators.  This event would impact our week,our lives, our home and perhaps more.  Were we up to this challenge?  Andrew removed the baby parrot from his parents a week ago.   To hand raise a parrot has been Andrews desire since he was a boy of about 7 or 8 years old.  Roll back time 6 or 7 years ago.  Jessica had an eclectic parrot.  She would bring it to church and tell stories with her bird.  This bird, Kiwi, would ride up to the front of the church on a remote control car.  Kiwi would hang upside down and would allow Jessica to spread his wings out and show us all the vibrant colors under the wings.  That is when Andrew started asking for a parrot.  This type of parrot in the States can easily run eight to nine hundred dollars and they can live to be 80 years old.  T

Medical Evacuation on Sabbath

If there is one thing we are known for in this community of Indonesians, expatriates, believers and non believers is that we keep the Sabbath. From Friday sundown until Saturday sundown we try to stop all our work and rest and focus on God and relationships and renewal. We LOVE this 24 hours of intentional set aside time to BE STILL.  People admire us for it and misunderstand it, are confused by it, hate it, love it, embrace it, and have a lot of questions and misconceptions about why we would continue this ancient practice.  It is known that at 5:30 p.m. (the sun sets approximately the same time year round here) the Boyd family will leave the Friday night games.  Even if our kids are playing in the games.  Even if our son’s class is selling a meal to 200 people.  We simply walk away….. I know to many of my readers this is very odd that we would do this.  It is something I rarely mention on my blog because I don’t want to focus on religious practices.  I want to focus on heart relatio

Mission Fairy Tales

It was a magical night.  An evening of much fun and laughter as the mission community gathered and put on a concert featuring Disney songs.  Perhaps some would say this is frivolous activity for missionaries……  There was much joy in the creativity.  Much diversion from the “usual” life.  Can we say, even some healing too?  I want to feature just a few of the people and a snippet into the night and some of their lives.   Tammy played for several of the songs.  She is an excellent flutiest and has had a huge impact on my life.  We pray for the school together every Tuesday.  I have grown so much in this journey with her.  She is a woman of God and a mother of four (2 of whom are already “grown” and state side).  Tammy has lived here for 10+ years….     Heidi was our back stage manager.  She is very gifted in this role.  I have complete respect for all the million details she thinks and irons through.  To get those transitions down from over 2.5 minutes to 30 seconds.  Amazing.  Sh