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When we first accepted the call to come to Indonesia we were told not to sell our home or our belongings “too fast”, because it would probably take up to a year for our paper work and visa’s to be in order.  It’s a good thing that we didn’t take that council to seriously.  Perhaps we were being prodded by an inner calling and the voice of a gentle Shepherd who knew that to get a family of 6 and their household packed and ready for an overseas move would take immediate and steady diligent preparations.  We are still laughing.  Our paper work was ready in one month.  ONE MONTH.  We are grateful that it went smoothly and continues to go smoothly as we have just been renewed for our 3rd time.  However, it is not without much behind the scene work……and I am certain that we don’t know the half of it.  Providentially, we have people who get all of our paper work in order for us.  Writing letters.  Filling out forms.  Paying fees.  Meeting deadlines.  We would be lost without these individual…