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Mrs. Free Spirit and Mr. Nerd

I thought I understood the word, submission.  Though honestly, it has not been difficult for me to even obtain it……as Darron does not lord his maleness or power over me, nor I him.  And all in all we usually see things pretty eye-to-eye, so clicking on 17 + years of marriage, I felt I had the submission thing down. I didn’t expect some warm fuzzy little puppies to challenge my thoughts on being a submissive wife.  Ha!  They did. You see, I am from the “free spirited” country where I could give away everything at complete abandon.  We would also be desperately poor, have no provisions for the future, forget vacations or even next months groceries.  Though under the “nerd” country of my husband, I have learned the joys in having a budget, saving consistently, giving joyfully and freely….but not without careful calculations in all area’s.  We have balanced each other nicely.  Rarely  have we had disagreements about money in our marriage. Those puppies were to undo our nice smooth trac

SSS: Soup, Salad, Swap

It is amazing what a little seed money left over from a spring women’s day retreat inspired us to do.  CHEESECAKE…..was the first brain storm.  From there the idea’s grew.  The ladies could bring soups, salad’s, and breads.  We would get cheesecakes made.  Also the ladies could bring items that they would like to swap with other ladies for other items.  We also thought it would be fun to auction off 5 or so items with play money.  Our hope was that 40 x-pat ladies would show.  It would be held in Mandy’s home.  Delighted were we when 58 women RSVP’d.  Perhaps that shows a glimpse into the missionary ladies heart.  A need for fellowship, good food and laughter.   This Saturday evening the food started pouring in, along with all the goods to be exchanged.  Mandy’s home looked delightful.  She even had it all decorated for fall, which is a very hard thing to do……when it doesn’t FEEL a bit like fall.  Several ladies organized all the items to be swapped into categories.  Books a

Driving Violations

The International School is situated up on a high hill in the middle of Sentani.  Coming off the hill and down a long street is the main road that cuts through Sentani.  Pulling onto this main street can be very challenging at times.  Often one has to start edging in, in order to create a window of room to go.  Every now and then one can look right, left and across the street left (for oncoming traffic) and then go for it.  Thus was the case last week.   It was a “go for it” moment.  Surprised was I to hear a horn blaring as I approached the middle of the intersection.  Here I am face to face with a motor cycle and the rider, who had approached the intersection from the opposite side of the road (right)  driving into oncoming traffic.  Hmmmm…….didn’t know I was suppose to check that direction???!  The irony of the situation was the look that  came from this man’s eyes.  They haunt me to this day.  They were full of pure hatred.  His eyes locked mine and spoke words that needed no langu

In His Steps

A delightful Saturday morning.  Where time stands still for a while as we take in a deep deep breath from very busy schedules.  The roosters have long finished cock-a-doodling, the Mosque has long been quiet from the early morning calls to prayer.  The tropical sun is rapidly rising equaling hot water in the solar water tank.  The phone rings.  Can Pastor Darron help come and baptize 36 students who are ready for baptism from a Week of Prayer?  We are puzzled by the last minute request, which boggles our western minds that would have known how the baptism was to take place planned 5 days prior.  Darron makes a call or two to see if the request is really validated.  It is.  Church clothes thrown on.  Water bottles grabbed.  Umbrella’s thrown in the van (for shade).  Puppies gathered from running under the Kijang.  Older dogs held so they don’t run out the gate as the Kijang pulls out.  We are off.  Church has just started when we arrive.  The preacher (Rick) is the Week of Prayer speak