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Donated Canned Carrots, TED Talks, 5 Course Dinner, Night Crabbing, Roof Top Blessings

I’m not sure an extended family vacation could have been more delightful.  It will certainly go down as one of the highlights of the 2013 Boyd furlough.  Location:  St. Simon Island, GA.  With much thought and research my parents had found a home and it was such a treat.  We all loved the ocean and tidal water view.  The home had been designed to maximize the views.  Which always changed with the moving of the ocean waters…bidding, calling, soothing, and ever held in its boundaries by God. However, a home is just a home.  It was the people in it, that made it so special.  Finally, joining us was my eldest brother Jonathan, much more affectionately referred to as J or Jim.  Many of the cousins only knew him as a mysterious man whom only a handful of them could remember.  This week, they all caught a glimpse of his style, his humor and talent at improv drama (wherever we were) and his cooking, when he spent hours making us a 5 course meal. Nick, my second eldest brother, joined us

Eight Great Years

One of our furlough highlights was spending time with our church plant friends in Fort Ogelthorpe, GA.  It was an exciting 8 years of our ministry.  Loved going and visiting with so many of our friends again.  Here are many, many pictures of friends there.  I am so sorry that I didn’t catch everyone digitally.  Especially people like Carol Magboo who gave up her home for a full week, so that we could renew and let our hair down.  She understood what we needed, having spent most of her married life overseas.  Also Penny and sweet Richard.  And so many more.  We stayed and “caught up” for so long that my face hurt from talking and smiling for that long (kind of like on our wedding day).  And yet we only scratched the surface of what has been going on in your lives with so many of you.  Won’t heaven be sweet when we can visit and commune together much longer?  We will enjoy looking at these pictures all year long.  Love you guys….please keep praying and reading our blogs.  Please continue