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It's Just Monday??????!!!

It's Just Monday???! Friday I was so excited to see Jacob choose to go with his Dad to build 2 jungle chapel churches at 2 drive in locations.  As the  other boys geared up for finals week.  Surely building chapels out of aluminum would be more educational than sitting at home with Mom and doing Math?!?  As they pulled out of the driveway I felt a bit giddy.......a full week of kids in school all day and other than language school and a big presentation due about HIV and AIDS in Indonesian...... My slate was clear. The morning dissolved into language learning.  The afternoon disappeared into providing support to missionaries interior who were messaging me, needing medical help.  At 5 my neighbor showed with stomach ulcer like symptoms, that has already been treated with medicine but had returned.  After working with the Roberts to help her the evening had arrived.  As I fell into bed by 8:00/p.m.  Darron had texted me to say that the car had gotten stuck in mud that took 2 hours

Revolving Door

Lately our overnight guest numbers have been increasing.  Also the number of guests at our table.  As the ministry expands so do the mattresses on the floor and the food passed out at the table. It is very random and unpredictable.  I’m trying not to worry too much how palatable our foreign food must taste. Also learning to add more filler to whatever is on to make the meal stretch to feed more mouths.   However, it is easy to tell that some of our strange food must be hard to swallow.  I still giggle thinking of a very recent incident.  Some mountain guys needed some extra money and were “in town”, so Darron told them they could work in our yard for a while.  It was hot and after a while I sent Darron outside with refreshments.  Drinks and cinnamon rolls.  Darron said,  one guy shoved the whole cinnamon roll into his mouth.  His eyes began to bulge.  At last unable to chew or swallow he spit the whole thing out of his mouth, much to the delight of our anxiously anticipating golden re

GREECE: Ice Cream, Whip Cream and CHERRIES on Top

By January I had already decided I was NOT going to the medical conference in Greece, when Michelle messaged me.  Michelle declared that she had finally decided to attend the conference in Greece and would I please consider joining her?  So back to the prayer list went “to go to Greece” or “to not go to Greece”?  Some decisions are hard.  This one was especially tough for me, because Darron and Jacob would also be traveling outside of Papua at the same time.  Our trips would overlap a week and we would be apart for three weeks.  That would leave 3 Boyd Boys home alone in Papua for a week.  Like I said, some decisions are hard to make.  Feeling I needed wisdom, I asked two seasoned women, who have already raised their children here, what they thought about leaving children alone in Papua?  They both assured me that the experience would instil trust and would be a good thing verses negative.  The turmoil of Greece was another distraction in my decision making.  However, people assured m