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Treacherous Steps

It’s not everyday that Twenty-First century husbands step out the door for a few weeks of trekking in the jungle.  Many of those steps Darron took were treacherous ones, as they crossed high passes with land slides and eroded trails.  I processed Darron’s leaving a few weeks ago in the blog:  Now we have fast forwarded two weeks later and there are so many more events to process.  Some that I must hold in the hidden places of my heart (to ponder and pray on), and some events I want to share with you.  Thank you for caring enough to read and pray.  You have no idea what a significant and indispensable part of the team you are.  Surprisingly, I ended up hearing from Darron far more than we had originally anticipated.  A major focus of the government has been to recognize that a right of the tribal people is to have communication.  So more and more cell towers are cropping up in remote places.  This is