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Garlic Presses and Humble Servants

I’m not quite sure how and why I say yes……but I do and so this last Monday found me preparing for around 20 pastors wives to come to my home and learn how to cook American.  I was kind of in denial about it all the way up until Monday morning when denial needed a kick in the pants.  At that point, in between a full day of home schooling I weaved in a trip to the market, hunting down 50+ extra plates, extra drinking containers and food prep.  Fortunately I was not alone.  My house helper joyfully put in a 12 hour day.  And my new blessed cook showed up at 2p.m. to help prep all the food.  I home schooled until noon.  It is amazing what can be accomplished in the school room when “teacher” has an agenda.  Then beside feeding my hungry gang at noon, all of the above stuff and translating recipe’s into Indonesian……whew, I was worn out before anyone arrived. The event was set for “sore” which means latish afternoon, but at 2:30 I hear the dogs bark and the gate squeak open.  I slap on my

I Wish I Were You

Over the past few months, several people have written me saying, “I wish I were you”.  Each time it has made me stop.  Like really stop.  I read the statement and reread it.  I hold my heart.  Why would someone say that?  What is going on in their life to want to be me.  ME?! Is it the life I portray? Do I write and walk like I have it all together?  Is it the adventure?  The mission life?  The travel?  The four boys?  The committed husband?  The pastoral husband?  The nursing life?  The peace and contentedness?   Peace and contentedness????  Am I at peace?  Well I must admit that for the most part, I wouldn’t trade a thing about my life.  Even living overseas has just been a rich experience that oozes with blessing rather than sacrifice.  Sometimes when all the family is gathered around the table and we share yummy food, my heart almost wants to burst.  As I watch dishes be scraped clean and hear stories from my own men-children of faith and growth and utter silliness and joy and te


So I borrowed these amazing pictures from Aubrey and Andrew’s math teacher…..who was also Andrew’s group leader on O.E. (Outdoor Education).  This is a 2 week trip interior where the whole high school goes and works.  They do AIDS presentations, kids clubs, work on buildings, install water tanks, clinics, work on buildings etc.  This trip is not a cushy mission trip.  It’s simple tribal living, with no electricity and bathing in the freezing river.  I only heard a few stories as the boys came muddy and tired but satisfied and within 24 hours I left for Thailand.  The pictures show much.  Perhaps in time we can share more stories. 


I just want to give a little shout out to our friends Brian and Penny and their new book they are launching.  They were present to meet us on the ground when we landed in Jakarta and were instrumental in helping us get set up in language school.  Their story is humbling, heart breaking, and healing.  I don’t want to tell their story, but if you are interested then you can click on the link below and I can assure you the first few paragraphs will have you captured.  Brian and Penny are real, down to earth, humble servants who have been through much but they are not stuck in the tragedy.  We are honored to know them.