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Stories from School

I know many of you are anxious to hear how the boy’s first week of school went.  From my perspective, wonderful!  From their perspective, wonderful!  They were beat tired by Friday.  School starts at 7:30 and is not out until 3.  The subjects covered are: Math, Bible, Science, History, Language Arts, Band, Computer, Indonesian, P.E……I think that is everything.  Aubrey is in 8th grade with about 6 other boys (only).  Andrew is in 7th grade with a mix of about 20 girls and boys.  So far, they are really enjoying it and have some homework, but it is not overwhelming (yet). I think I was as excited and nervous as they were.  It is amazing to think that for the last 14/12 years those boys have been under my wings and influence.  I have enjoyed our home schooling journey, but I am so relieved it is over for now.  I love the fact that I can focus my energy on educating the younger two boys.  When trying to keep up with all four, it often felt like I was directing a circus and the circus was

Housing, Details, Cleaning, Party

The aviation team is working together to finish all the details on our home.  Today, we picked up mirrors for the bathrooms.  Oh to have two bathroom sinks with mirrors and a kitchen sink.  What luxury!  We have been working out of only one sink (the kitchen) for the past year.  It’s all ok until hands that have used the bathroom are being washed over dishes waiting to be cleaned.  Or teeth that need to brushed are facing a sink full of veggies being washed. Boys bathroom, has a full size tub….yes! Master bathroom.  Very roomy with shower. So the cabinets are almost all hung.  It has been a difficult job.  Girls from the school are working on getting all the windows washed and floors cleaned.  Screen doors are being assembled and planed and drilled for hinges to be hung in place.  The details are all coming together. Screened in porch.   Last night we at aviation met for prayer meeting.  At the end we discussed wanting to meet for a going away party for the treasure.  When ch

To All You Wal-Mart Haters

When I left the states in 2011, Wal-Mart was not my favorite store.  I didn’t “hate” it, like some of my friends.  However, I just preferred shopping elsewhere.  I thought their goods did not look the best and I questioned the quality and the price.  Wal-Mart was the first store that I went too upon returning back to the states.  I remember thinking that everything looked beautiful.  I just longed to walk very slowly up and down every single aisle.  Taking in all the home goods that were so nicely organized.  Wander through the food aisles, stocked with bounties of food and choices.  Wal-Mart was one of the last stores that I went into before leaving.  Honestly, I felt very sad to know that it would be close to a year before I would return.  I looked at the people, flying through the aisles and thought, they don’t appreciate this store.  I wanted to talk to them about how lucky they were to be able to shop in a place that was so clean, with so many options, with no bugs in the food an


The good news is that we returned home to our parrots guarding a nest.  We have tried in vain to try and view if there are eggs are in the nesting box, but can’t quite see.  Darron was able to tell that all the wood chips have been scooted over into a pile and the female is quite protective.  We’ll keep you updated on the parrot family progress.  (Since I wrote this, a world bird expert popped in to see our birds.  He felt that she had not yet laid the eggs, but that the female was showing signs of preparation.  The gentleman made several suggestions (i.e. add more wood chips, etc.).  Our home is coming along.  All it lacks before we move in is the kitchen cabinets hung in place.  Shower heads installed.  Solar hot water heater installed.  Laundry water hook ups installed.  A few more doors hung.  And a good clean.  Aubrey predicts it will be Christmas before it is ready.  ??? I refuse to get my hopes up.  The work crew has been dismissed, so now it is just a few men who are working o

4 Hour Delay = Smooth Transit

Thanks to Malinda (Darron’s sister) and Steve we were off to a great early start on Tuesday morning.  They dropped us off at 7 a.m. at the Nashville airport.  The ticket agent’s eyes dilated when I handed him our 6 tickets and passports.  That is a lot of seat assignments and baggage tickets to wade through.  However, he tackled them patiently.  After about 20 plus minutes all our 11 check in’s were tagged.  He handed us our tickets and said we were all set.  I asked him how much we owed him for all our extra baggage and he said, “nothing”.  I clarified, “nothing?” “Yes”, he replied, “Have a great trip”.  We had anticipated at least several hundred dollars in extra baggage fee’s.  So we began to count our blessings. Nathaniel had a nasty head cold.  I was worried about his ears and pressure.  Malinda and I had purchased some decongestant medicine for him, early that morning.  I was afraid they would take it from me, because it was “4 ounces”.  It flew with him in his back pack all the

Last Supper’s

18 years ago I remember distinctly the last supper served before Michelle and I embarked on our trip to the Philippines.  We were served these sausage veggie burgers, that were delicious.  I thought often to that last meal shared as we ate rice three times a day and often cooked over a fire outside. The last supper was important to Jesus.  I often like to reflect on words spoken, food ate and the importance of that time amongst the closest of friends. Today three last suppers stand out in my mind.  Our pizza meal at the beach house with our Ashworth family.  Our finally taco bell meal with Darron’s parents and brother on the way to Nashville.  Then, the true last supper of veggie burgers and dogs, complete with Dorito’s with the Boyd siblings.  Our conversation was light and candid amongst us adults, while the cousins all hung out together.  It was the perfect last supper. It’s impressions are etched in my memory and in my remembrance.  We are charged to partake of the “last supper”

Rejoice. Give Thanks. Really?

We leave for Papua in a little over 48 hours.  Honestly, I feel a mix of confusing emotions.  Last year I think I was numb and walking through the endless “to do” list.  This year, I’m feeling a whole lot more and it doesn’t all “feel” good.  Like saying goodbye to my parents. So today in church I was struggling with all these “feelings”.  As my mind wandered (opps!) I began reading from 1 Thessalonians.  “Rejoice always……in everything give thanks”.  Hmmm….  Do I have things to rejoice about?  Can I give thanks?  Even though I’m feeling pain at leaving my comfort zone.  So here is my rejoice and thanks giving list.  Sorry if this is boring to you.   It’s therapy to me. : ) I am thankful for: Family. Happy memories.  Laughter.  Loving words. Walks on beaches.  Food.  Taco Bell.  Togetherness.  Massages.  Massage lessons.  Time with friends.  Lunch and dinners with friends.  Canoe trips with my brother in law.  July 4th gatherings.  Messages on Facebook.  Peace.  Strength.  God’s word

Highlights of Those Who Ministered to Us

I sit in a luxurious  room at White Stone Country Inn.  The view is breathtaking, overlooking a rolling pasture and the Tennessee River.  The room temperature is set to exactly where I want it.  The bathroom came with a waterfall shower and a large spa tub.  Breakfast is delicious with delicate pastries and fruits and hot entrees.  My company is my best friend, Darron.  I drink in this 48 hours of retreat.  Paying attention to the little details.  Taking countless mental pictures of images and memories that I will remember for the next 10 months.  It is unknown how many times during the last year that I savored the thought of coming here now.  My favorite B & B, yet!  Even more special is that they allow missionaries to come here for free.  What an incredible ministry….  We have been so touched on this furlough by many people who have ministered to us through acts of generosity and trust.  I would like to highlight a few.   It all begins and ends with family.  They are our bigges