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Mom, Dad, Look What I’m Doing

It has always fascinated me, the need children have for their parents to SEE what they are doing.  The little backward glances, to see if Mommy saw that cool high jump out of the swing to the persistent, “MOM, DAD… me dive, tumble, ……. “and you can fill in the blank.  It gets less verbal and sleeve tugging as the years slip into mature teens.  Yet there are still those eyes that meet yours across the court, when a goal is made.  Do I still as a middle aged woman desire my parents to SEE what I am doing and the world I am living in?  Do I still want their approval and affirmation?  Eyes catching mine and them trying to understand what is going on in my world? Yes. And so what a delight this last month, that after living in a foreign land for 5 years, they came.  My Mom and Dad.  My Uncle and Aunt.  They saw.  They tasted and felt.  They touched.  They met many of my friends.  They walked where I shop.  It is not an easy walk.  There are piles of garbage and bad smells, smoke, i

Caught Between Two Worlds, Called to ONE

He didn't ask to be brought up in a Western culture despite his Indonesian Passport, yet he was.  Attending Western level schools, eating Western food, Ryan by age sixteen is fully immersed.  A blessing most would say.  Ryan's father obtained his masters and doctorate in the  Philippines, during much of this time.  Abruptly his world changed, as Ryan's parents felt called back to their passport country to be "missionaries" in Papua.  Apprehensive, somewhat reluctant, and uncertain Ryan follows his parents to Papua. I clearly remember the first time I met Ryan, this past August.  His story captivating me.  He was playing the clarinet for special music in church.  Beaming a beautiful smile that radiated peace. We talked after church.  Perfect English, despite the Asian skin coloring.  Over a Mexican, Western lunch in our home, this sixteen year old boy shares his journey of the last two months.  Being placed into an Indonesian classroom, where he is forced to lea