Puppy Love

This is NOT a blog about my children’s first love.  Though that would be fun to write.  WINK!  It is a blog about puppies arriving.  I heard a rummaging on the enclosed porch, 4:30 a.m. Monday morning.  Yawn.  Not quite wanting to snap out of my slumber, I ignored it.  By 5 a.m.  I was awake enough to visit the place where my curiosity was awakened.  Princess was laying in the cardboard box that we had placed there for her and at a closer glance I see a wet little puppy poking out from under her.  Looking very fresh and new.  I go and wake up Aubrey and Andrew.  They were there to see puppy # 2 be eaten out of it’s sack and suck in air.  Both said they wanted to go ahead and get ready to go to school. So much for the original thought of they would want to stay home.  Meanwhile Jacob and Nathaniel join the on looking crowd.  They keep closer tabs on the puppies being born.  This is to be our first day of home school.  Nothing like getting off to an interesting start.   So now we have 6 little wiggly, squiggly puppies.  And to think that my boys only prayed for ONE pure bred Golden Retriever.


So wet and new!


The car door was left open as a child hurried to catch another ride to school.  Daddy, Buddy, decides to get comfortable while his “wife” finishes birthing the puppies.





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