SSS: Soup, Salad, Swap

It is amazing what a little seed money left over from a spring women’s day retreat inspired us to do.  CHEESECAKE…..was the first brain storm.  From there the idea’s grew.  The ladies could bring soups, salad’s, and breads.  We would get cheesecakes made.  Also the ladies could bring items that they would like to swap with other ladies for other items.  We also thought it would be fun to auction off 5 or so items with play money.  Our hope was that 40 x-pat ladies would show.  It would be held in Mandy’s home.  Delighted were we when 58 women RSVP’d.  Perhaps that shows a glimpse into the missionary ladies heart.  A need for fellowship, good food and laughter.











This Saturday evening the food started pouring in, along with all the goods to be exchanged.  Mandy’s home looked delightful.  She even had it all decorated for fall, which is a very hard thing to do……when it doesn’t FEEL a bit like fall.  Several ladies organized all the items to be swapped into categories.  Books and magazines, clothes and shoes, makeup and jewelry, food and kitchen items.  Later several of us picked what we “thought” would go well in the auction.  We also had a “surprise” gift that was wrapped and would be auctioned too.  Some ladies took the opportunity to dress up and looked splendid.  Other’s of us chose to come more casual.

After everyone was settled the eating began.  The highlight of the meal were the cheesecakes. Which were all home made by different ladies in the x-pat community.  One could choose from Pumpkin, Classic, or Triple Chocolate.  All were beautiful to look at.  Delicious to taste.  And just a real treat to the missionary palate. 

When the meal was over.  All the ladies moved outside and faced Mandy’s porch, which served as a nice “stage”.  Erica led in the auction.  The ladies all had different amounts of pretend money.  Some were rich, some were not so rich.  The auction was intriguing to watch, because the most popular items were: a bottle of maple flavoring (to make pancake syrup), a bag of butterscotch chips, and a bottle of dry ranch powder.  Each of these “sold” for hundreds of “dollars”.  Ladies were giving the ladies bidding their “money” so that they could get the item.  Truly, we were women away from home to be bidding on these items that one in their home country could just pop to the store for.  We all had a good laugh at how the bidding went. 




If you want to know what was in the “surprise” auction item… are just going to have to ask one of the ladies there!!! !; )

Once the auction was over, it was time for to go shopping in our quickly made store.  Everything was the right price, free.  80% of the goods, found a new home and a happy owner.

Many hearts were touched by an evening out.  A night of fellowship and light heartedness can do much good for a soul that might be weary or discouraged.  I marvel at all the x-pat women here.  How I would love to sit and hear all of their stories…..because I know that every single one of them have a story to tell.  For me, a night like this rekindles the love that I have of being a pastor’s wife.  A role that I don’t get to function in here.  I’m eager to see what the next Sentani’s Women’ event will be!!!!!


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