Family Problems Challenge Dad (Day 5)

Frequently Darron will tell me, “I wish you could travel with me.” 

Smirk.  Be careful what you wish for dear. ; )

While I know that Darron is thrilled that we have come along.  It hasn’t been without some extra stress and challenges.  Distraction, maybe?  Concern, perhaps?  Pleasure, no doubt.  Frustration, probably.  Cost, for sure.  Companionship, at times.  Separation, 3 days now.  Communication issues, always in Papua when he is travelling (he is in one location with bad cell coverage and I am in another).  Awww….but that is family life isn’t it?  Not always a bowl full of cherries or whipped cream on top of the ice cream (drool).

Day 5, of family mission trip in Papua, is proving to be a challenge. 

Nathaniel has a fever still.  Cycling.  Achy body.


The older boys hike up the mountain this morning to talk with me and check on Nathaniel.  I tell them  I am confused what to do.  I want to come, but if Nathaniel has a virus, I don’t want to spread it to all the local malnourished children. 

Andrew also shares that someone stole his new retainers.  I am sure it was the shiny plastic blue case they were interested in.  Not the very personal, useless to anyone else, retainers.  Only one month out of braces those teeth are sure to move.  We are praying that the retainers will show up.  Please join us.

Not knowing if I was coming or going, I decided that I better at least act like I was going and be ready.  So I went to check on all our laundry.  It was all still wet and taking up 75% of the indoor drying area.  What else to do other then iron every last piece of it to try get it dry in case we were “to go”.  So for the next 2 hours I iron, thinking is this what my mission is for today?




I have been able to visit and talk with the guests and staff here.  Many who are not Christians.  So I am praying that our lives are a testimony to them.  Is that why we are here?

Finally at 3 p.m. when Nathaniel’s fever climbs again, I decide to go ahead and start malaria treatment.  It goes against my desire for test results and confirmation.  However, I can hear my Dr. Di say, “When you are away from testing options and are having the symptoms, go ahead and treat”.

Also the staff, have really encouraged me to stay at the Eco lodge until Nathaniel is better.  They say, “Don’t be confused.  Here Nathaniel can rest.  Here you can rest too.  We can cook for you.  Just enjoy.”  Maybe that is the purpose of the mission!!!!

I cant wait to have a long chat with Darron again and see how he really feels about us joining him in his work. ; )  From sick child, to left Passports in kayaks, to stolen retainer, and separation from wife…..WE HAVE BEEN A CHALLEGE!!!!!

Sorry dear.  We hope to bring you joy soon.  At least family and friends are keeping up to date on the latest in our missionary lives!!!!  ADUH (a Papuan expression to which sums this all up).

So from a very remote beautiful tropical Island to you:  thanks for reading and for praying.  Especially thank you for praying for Pastor Darron, who has much on his mind, this mission trip! ; )



By the way: points of interest.  Two of the divers here have completed their 100th dive this week.  However, some ladies diving here from Japan are on their 600th and 1200th dives.  They are all loving it.  One dive was enough for me.  20 years ago, with the manatees in Florida. : )


This is the most energy we’ve seen in 60 + hours.  6 p.m.  I think things are looking up.





  1. Sounds like quite the experience.... Praying for those retainers!!!


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