Mission Fairy Tales

It was a magical night.  An evening of much fun and laughter as the mission community gathered and put on a concert featuring Disney songs.  Perhaps some would say this is frivolous activity for missionaries……  There was much joy in the creativity.  Much diversion from the “usual” life.  Can we say, even some healing too?  I want to feature just a few of the people and a snippet into the night and some of their lives.



Tammy played for several of the songs.  She is an excellent flutiest and has had a huge impact on my life.  We pray for the school together every Tuesday.  I have grown so much in this journey with her.  She is a woman of God and a mother of four (2 of whom are already “grown” and state side).  Tammy has lived here for 10+ years….




Heidi was our back stage manager.  She is very gifted in this role.  I have complete respect for all the million details she thinks and irons through.  To get those transitions down from over 2.5 minutes to 30 seconds.  Amazing.  She is also my neighbor and friend.  Heidi has lived her 10+ years.


Tammy and Dr. Di pulled off the “Be Our Guest” song with great enthusiasm and ease.  Both were such a delight to watch.  Both are such a pleasure to have mingled in my life here.  Both have lived here in Indonesia for over 10 years.


Mike and Amy are Wycliffe Bible translators.  They are Aubrey’s class sponsor's.  Amy spends hours of time with Aubrey’s class.  They have also lived here 10 + years.  Currently Amy’s father is battling cancer and the family is trying to decide when to go home to visit him or if Amy should go alone.  These are very tough decisions for missionaries to make.  


The Beauty and the Beast was special to watch.  First to see Tricia and Brian dance (he is a bush pilot and they have been here 10 + years). Also to hear Christy sing.  She spent over a month this summer in the hospital in Jakarta.  To see her recovery and hear her lovely voice was healing in and of itself.  Christy and her family have also been serving in Indonesia for over 10 years.


This is the one act we never got to see because we were always next to go on…..but the vocals were beautiful to “Feed the Birds”.  Joyce has been here for over 30 years…..maybe even pushing 40 years!  She and her husband have been in translation work.



Then, yes….the Boyd family.  Singing, “Never Smile at a Crocodile”.  We have Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and the pirates.  Along with a crocodile.  I really wanted to be Tinker Bell or Wendy, but the guys all insisted that the song was about a Crocodile not anything girly.  So!  You can tell I live with ALL BOYS!  : )  Very proud of my guys as they sang lovely together.  (Sorry for all the photos, just knew the grandparents would want to see).  We have served here for THREE + years!!!! ; )  Yep, we are still newbies around here.  


Vangie our Elementary and Middle School Principle Sang along with Lizby, “God Help the Outcasts”.  Both have lived in Indonesia over 10+ years.  Lizby spent much of her growing up years here.  Went back to the States to obtain a degree and has returned for 6 months to help in the finance department at the school.



Watching all the girls dance in their lovely dresses during “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, was just delightful for Darron and I.  They loved each moment of it and so did we.  To be on stage, all dressed up and dancing was so special to each of them.  For a moment, they were Princesses. 



Natalie and her daughters portrayed a song from Toy Story 2.  It was very sweet about growing up and casting aside those once precious toys.  Natalie is Aubrey and Andrews English teacher.  She and I compare notes when our husbands are gone on long trips.  If we can’t find a book on how to survive travelling husbands, we may just write one together. ; )   Natalie and her family have served in Indonesia for over 10 years.



Kim (back) used to be a full time career woman, but 2 years ago, God called her to become a missionary Dorm Mom.  Angie (front) has also lived in Indonesia for 10 years.  She is a translation consultant.  They sang Hakuna Matata and did a fabulous job.  Both of these ladies are an inspiration to me.





Peter Pan (Leon) is Andrew’s small group leader.  He is having such an amazing influence on his small group.  I am moved by this Senior.



Jazz?!  Oh yeah….  this Jazz band was incredible and so was Cheryl who sang “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book.  Cheryl also prays with me each Tuesday.  They served here before and have returned.  Who can stay away?!!!  Especially with good Jazz like this.  3 of the Jazz band players are pilots.  1 a teacher.  1 an administrator and the drummer a Junior and good friend to Boyd boys (Not pictured).




“Mother Knows Best” from Tangled was performed by Megan and Chloe.  Megan is our high school math teacher.  She has taken 2 years out of University to be here.  Megan has an incredible voice and the students have loved her.  I know that she would say in return that being here has been an incredibly rich experience.  Chloe is a Senior and has spent much of her life growing up in Indonesia.  Going “home” to college, is a HUGE adjustment for our MK’s.



Jules and Chris and new to Papua but not to Indonesia.  They have served in other parts of the country, but we are excited that they are here.  Chris is a pilot and while they sang “A Whole New World”, we all laughed because instead of being on a magic carpet, they dramatized being in a mission plane.  Jules is a children’s book illustrator.  Very gifted and I know many Indonesians will be blessed by her work.


This is Tammy again.  Singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls”.  She said that her husband (high school Bible teacher) is still struggling over her role in this song.  But if anyone can pull ANYTHING off it is Tammy.  She amazes me over and over again with her talent and VIBRANCY.  Also a very sensitive spirit to the Lords leading in Praise and Worship and working with teens.  I have been so blessed by her ministry.  Tammy has 2 grown girls in the States, along with grandbabies (and she can outrun me any day!!!).  Her son, is in Andrew’s class.  They have been here 10 + years.





“Love is an Open Door” was sang by Elleah and her Dad, Paul.  Incredibly SWEET.  Paul is our high school science teacher.  Very challenging…..but good….so I hear. : )  I think they are still under the 10 year mark of service but over 5?! : ) 



John sang, “When you Wish Upon a Star”.  He is working on a Bible translation project.  He and his wife have lived in Indonesia for 36 years!!!!  Retirement?  What is that?!!!


The Encore was our High School Band.  Aubrey is in there with his French Horn. 


Lovely Memories.  Thanks for reading about just a few of the beautiful people that made up this cast and our special night at Disney.  You can sense that we are surrounded by talented dedicated people….not to plays and musicals but to LIFE and the WORD of LIFE and to MK’s (Missionary Kids) and supporting husbands to do their work well.  So, so thankful for the missionaries I have met here. (A Special thanks to Tim for all his photo’s).


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