No. Stop. Don’t Apologize.

Last summer while we were on furlough I became acutely aware of different people (our friends, our family, perhaps you) who were in pain.  Perhaps this pain was emotional, physical, spiritual or the weighty concern for their/your child.  It took on many faces and fleshed out in human suffering.   Yet people held back from sharing because they implied later that they thought our suffering, our pain, our sacrifice was greater.  So what was their/your story compared to ours?

I literally grabbed humanity by the shoulders last summer and quietly (though I wanted to scream) said, “NO!”  Your suffering, your pain, your walk, your sacrifice is just as meaningful and just as important.  Stepping on a plane and relocating our family to the other side of the planet does not mean that our stories are more special, that we deserve the floor, that your life pales in place of ours.  Though thank you for the honor and the respect.

So yes, life here is challenging.  Have bad things happened?  You bet!  Do we struggle in day to day things that you don’t even have to give thought to?  For sure.  This by NO MEANS minimizes what you are dealing with.  Thank you for sharing (with some encouragement) your stories.  Your suffering.  The autistic child, the crumbling marriage, the anxiety filled spouse, the gay child, the physical pain, the worry and concern, the spiritual growth and break through, the death of a spouse, and so many more stories.

Don’t apologize.  Keep writing.  Keep sharing.  We have to be real with each other.  And when you share we feel connected to you.  We know how to pray for you.   You were not meant to bear your burdens alone.   Nor your victories.  Don’t cover your mouth and say you are sorry anymore.  Nor minimize your trial by saying that our trial is more significant.  It is one time that truly no apology is needed.


  1. Why did you ask me to check back, only to completely reject one of YHWH's daughters, now completely rejecting the scriptures that command actions of godly love and compassion. You appear to have rejected the scriptures that I shared with you, refusing His ways. He sees the hurtful actions of those claiming His Name, and how they treat the wounded. Your rejection of someone He directed to you, and your rejection of biblical command carries the sound of scoffing and re- wounding. You don't care about His commands- that's not a question, that's precisely what you have now demonstrated as your spiritual heart condition. You have truly hurt me, but you speak His Name in vain for you have not His Love or compassion. You have disregarded the scripture. You have deleted my words to you as if I don't exist, as if my words were nil, as if your series of hard- hearted decisions to reject didn't happen, as if He doesn't see. But He does see. "A cup of water in My Name"? No. You have deeply grieved me, AND HIM. You are without salt, without His compassion, you leave the desolate by the side of the road. What's the difference between you and pharisee that passed by the wounded that the Samaritan nursed? This is why the false church does not have His Spirit: They refuse His Heart. You know nothing of the power of Love, do you? How it extends Hope? No, your utter unloving disregard for the wounded, extends No Hope at all. Your exact refusal of Love is exactly why the " church" has been worthless to the wounded. Is this the will of God? No. I know you have read all I wrote you, because you deleted them. I am so sorry that I have ever extended the faith and hope to believe these people vainly claiming His Name know Him at all, because they don't. Your hurtful refusal is seen by God, and is a big stumbling block. Do you care? Evidently not. That is shameful. You have minimized your responsibility by saying you're just a simple woman. You have no scripture for that, that's a rationalizing excuse that defies His Words. I can give you many scripture references that will make it plain what your behavior needs to be. But it seems that would be wasted time, as you already know them, but don't care. Repent, Ruth. You seem to have completely forgotten the sermon on the mount. If you can't love the hurting, what is your " faith" worth, but bland useless salt to be trodden under foot? Why are there? " To preach the gospel to the people of Indonesia". Why? What good is the Gospel doing in YOUR life?? Where, is your Love?? You have cast me aside, but YHWH has Not. So how are you like Him? You are not like Him. Do you think you can just spout empty words on your blog and call it a day? Faith without works is dead. You will know them by their love. What love?? Words, words, clanging symbols. If you do not feel the conviction of YHWH, you are not His.

  2. Your decisions here have been SO Hurtful! Your disregard is SO Hurtful! Why do the wounded reach out to the people of God when this is ALL they get?? Deaf ears, Hard uncaring hearts-- Does that sound godly to you? God help you. May He convict your understanding, and change your heart to His Love. Ruth- are you born again?


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