Five not Six, Fiddlesticks



I keep doing it.  6 plates.  6 forks.  And then I remember, right now we are 5 not 6.  Quickly gather the extra one up and put it away.  Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  We’ve got this.  We can do this.  It’s an 11 day stent of no husband.  No Dad.  Fiddlesticks.  This is the non glamorous side of mission life for us.  Only short little texts to keep the communication lines open.  It’s evangelism meeting time. 

It’s not just plate and fork counts that are messed up.  It’s blinkers and windshield wipers.   Every year we go to America I wipe windows when I should be using the blinker.  I get it all figured out and straight and then it is time to return here.  Then I do the same thing in reverse.  Even a month out from returning, yesterday, I wiped instead of blinked.  Fiddlesticks. Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  We’ve got this.  It’s not raining.  That’s ok….I’m sure the windshield needed wiping.  Don’t worry, surely in 11 more days I’ll stop this silly behavior.

Our dear special education teacher is delayed in her return.  Guess what Ruth, you get to pick up the pace, the need, the pressure, to educate and breath success to a brilliant dyslexic mind.  Are d’s and b’s mixing?  Are e’s and I’s sounding all the same?  Fiddlesticks.  Everything is fine.  Everything is normal.  We’ve got this.  We can do this.  11 days???  11 months??? 11 years???  Whatever it takes, because that is what us Mommies do.

When it is 5 and not 6.  When it is blinking and not wiping.  When it is D and not B.  How can I say everything is OK?  Everything is normal?  It is because I am being guided continually.  My soul is being satisfied in the drought.  My bones have been strengthen to the core.  I am like a watered garden.  I have a spring of water that is not failing.  PUJI TUHAN!  PRAISE THE LORD.  Is. 58:11 is true. 

And in HIM I have complete assurance that soon 5 will be 6 and blinkers will blink when blinkers should and D and B and I and E are going to be crystal clear.  YAY! #Godhasgotme  #Hesgotyoutoo




  1. Awe, one of my favourite of your posts! Love this one!!! So good. Thanks for sharing, Ruth. I have about 3 more weeks until my hubby leaves for 14 days. I am sure I will have some "fiddlesticks" moments! Love you!!


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