Ohhh…… Darron’s Got a Gourd!

Serving in Papua has been a perfect adventure for our family.  This week alone has highlighted to us God’s faithfulness.  Does He ask us to do hard things sometimes?  Definitely.  Yet through it can we see His hand at work?  Undoubtedly! 

Last Saturday we followed Darron to one of the local churches.  There he shared of the recent inspiration to build a church out of pre cut metal verses iron wood.  The whole story was told, from going to the store in JayaPura to the students coming from America to the village people helping.  The members were literally on the edge of their seats straining to hear the whole story.  As drops of sweat (I almost counted them) rolled down my back, I was intrigued at how attentive everyone was.  They were captivated as Darron used their songs and dance and culture and idioms to share what God is doing in Papua.



(So this boy was not sitting on the edge of his seat while Darron preached, he fell asleep in this position.  Amazing).  And if Dad’s not preaching (meaning the whole service is in Indonesian) the boys will read and draw to help pass the time.  This is “real life” church services, raising mission kids, in a mission land.

This same presentation was given the week before at the mission office in Jaya Pura, to the administration committee. When Darron finished, they gave a standing ovation.  Darron later told me that he has never seen this kind of emotion at these board meetings.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t think this is Darron.  This is God working.  WHOO HOO!!!  This same board voted to build 100 of these churches in remote locations and place young leaders to grow up the work in the next 5 years.  A daunting task??!  “Bring it”, I hear my man saying.

This week, two young Indonesian student missionaries sat at our lunch table.  They are gathering supplies to launch into the remote jungle soon.  Willing to work for under $45.00 a month.  They are doing this like our young adults would do a “gap year”.  Beautiful! 

Prior to this, we questioned if it was wise to bring short term mission groups here?  The cost of bringing individuals here for short term projects is expensive and takes much energy on both the group coming and the hosting missionaries.  We are encouraged that this project has inspired our local leaders to dig deeper, dream bigger, and to examine their own ability to impact Papua.  Now that is short term mission success.

IMG_20150802_054544 (1)


Today, Darron and Aubrey plus Andrew are at another area church.  Presenting this dream again.  This church is ready to start immediately sponsoring the next jungle chapel.  Meanwhile Boyd boys # 3 and #4 fight off a respiratory infection at home.

Last night Darron came home with feathers, arrows and bow, and gourds (3 of them!!!) in his hand.  Gifts for helping to provide work to put students through seminary.  Much laughter echoed around our supper table as the Boyd boy/men discussed this National Geographic gourd wearing culture that still exists here.  How will raising our family in a land like this impact our boys?  I’m trusting the Lord, that it is exactly what He needs to mold and shape them.  Meanwhile, I try to maintain my femininity. ; )


I have settled, after having my grass skirt ruffled with needing to toss out my usually morning routine and FOCUS even more on homeschooling.  Jacob’s special educational teacher has had delays in her return and so I needed to pick up her specialty training.  Fortunately, she equipped me well and encourages me with weekly emails.  I’m constantly trying new recipes to use what local veggies/fruits are available and keep my tribe filled. Using unripe Papaya is a new favorite.  It resembles applesauce.  Especially if you have forgotten what applesauce tastes like.  Also, I am rejoicing over my four dollar (YES $4.00) food processor that I found at a yard sale this summer.  I could write a whole blog on the VALUE of kitchen tools.  Especially when you find them for $4!!!  And making EVERYTHING from scratch.


As our “in house” parrot now loves to say her name, “Georgia. Georgia Georgia.”  As we are surrounded by much natural beauty.  As the work here feels like it is just about to break open.  As the boys flourish in an incredible school with French Horn, Soccer discipline and 4 girls asking 1 son out to an upcoming event!!!!?!  As I continue to enjoy my time in the clinic.  As we LOVE the people God has placed in our lives, both Indonesian and expatriate. As I watch Darron flourish in language and the dreams and passions God has given him.  As I see him with a gourd in hand.IMG_20150916_163920IMG_20150729_174057IMG_20150815_162344

Dear Lord……here we are.  Use us.  Thanks for the journey.


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