Hello Heart, Where is the Head?

Imagine with me……my kitchen starting to bustle with veggies fresh from the market being washed, breakfast dishes being put away, ingredients and pans coming out for bread making.  The bulging familiar bag is packed and sitting by the door.  This bag equals only one truth in my HEART, my husband the HEAD of our family, is leaving again.  Hubby is sitting on the bar stool.  I’m standing opposite him, fussing with something in the kitchen……maybe peeling dozens of ripe bananas to be thrown in the freezer for smoothies later.  And the HEAD starts talking to the HEART about her baking ministry.  5 minutes before we need to leave for the airport!!!!


Before I tell you more about that conversation allow me to introduce you to HEART (me) and HEAD (Darron).  We have been married almost 20 years now and function quite well, HEART and HEAD together.  Darron and I both have a passion for wanting to empower and equip people who are in need.  Darron is already making a huge difference in the lives of at least 1/2 a dozen young adults by coming along side them and creating small businesses that are in turn putting them through college.

I, on the other hand, have been simmering thoughts in my HEART for a long time.  How can I help?  What can I do to empower women?  At last, the idea came to my HEART that women could learn to bake in my home.  After mastering the skill of baking bread and other baked staples, they could then work in other peoples homes, baking and earning an above average wage.  Not only would we teach baking skills but also thoughts on integrity, honesty, communication and being on time.  Also hand washing and cleanliness, etc. 

I would not do this alone.  Already I had talked with my cook, who has over 20 years of experience, and co-teach with her.  Ibu Ebe had many ideas and was very excited about this project.  We talked HEART to HEART about our goals, and how it really would/should work. 



THEN, last week, our first class started!!!!  The HEARTS had launched a baking ministry.  Papuan women from different backgrounds and beliefs gathered to learn.  That was on Tuesday. Darron came home from a trip to the Philippines on Wednesday.  Darron had 24 hours at home before having to leave on a 10 day trip.  Thursday morning, the ladies were due to come back for class #2.  

9:25 a.m.  5 minutes until departure time.  HEAD talks to HEART:

“Ruth, have you thought about this…..?”  “In order to advertise well and fairly you should do this……”  “On your application you should request 3 references.”  “Then you can choose who is coming by recommendations,”  “We should teach this…. and this….. and this……”  Darron, my HEAD, my rock, my entrepreneur man is in full throttle of his gifting and eagerness.  My HEART must speak up and defend that a few of these things had been thought about and a few of these things were in place……..but, yes, many of his ideas were great and needed and……

Meanwhile, my HEART is becoming more and more overwhelmed at the thought of writing papers in Indonesian and needing to read references and make decisions and teach more.  Details and more details.  Sigh.  Not my gifting.  The clock demands that we leave.  Much left undone, unsaid, unfinished. But no matter…. because the HEART ministry has found it’s rhythm and the beat is:  Papuan ladies are at my door, Papuan ladies are at my door, Papuan ladies are at my door..  AND the clock tells the HEAD it is more then time to leave so that he does not miss his flight.  Tick Tock its half past nine 0’ clock.


As I pulled out of our driveway, to take Darron to the airport, it dawned on me the revelation of what had just happened in our last 5 minutes together at home.  I am the HEART and Darron is the HEAD.  AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  Despite the heart, marching to her beat, and starting a ministry without all the logic of the HEAD in place……it is moving forward!  Yet the HEART can’t wait until the HEAD gets home and has time and energy to help pull some HEAD knowledge into this crazy thing I have leaped into.  Never mind that the mommy HEART wouldn’t mind letting the Daddy HEAD take over and parent for while.

IMG_20151116_184728 (1)


Pleas pray for us as HEART and HEAD navigate much of this month apart.


If you happen to be in this part of town and  would like some warm fresh whole wheat bread, pop in……these days there is plenty of HEARTy bread to go around.  And just for the record:  Darron does have a lovely heart and I can use my head. ; )


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