When a Missionary Kid goes on a Mission Trip

How does a Missionary Kid go on a mission trip?  You may ask, “Aren’t you already a missionary?” 

Yes, however, this will help me become a better missionary kid!!!!

I am going to Thailand to learn how to make videos.  Hopefully soon I can create videos for my Dad, and others, featuring the work here and maybe simple gospel messages.  This will help the people of Papua, Indonesia to learn about God and Jesus.  Also it can help with future fund raising projects.  It will help the people of Papua to see in a whole new light because they love seeing and hearing videos, especially the people in far places.

The workshop that I will be attending is in Thailand.  Thailand is a central place for most of Asia so people will be traveling there from all over Asia.  Not only will they be teaching videography, there will also be radio, animation, multi media,  story telling and many more  tracks. 

I feel excited about going to Thailand.  I am interested in learning videography.   Also I am excited about going to a new country, no home school for 2 weeks, and trying new foods (my Mom highly recommends Mangoes and Sticky Rice). Positively I am hoping to be able to go and see the elephants there. 

Thank you for considering supporting my mission trip, from a missionary kid who loves living in Asia.  Jacob!  Goal: $1,000.00.

To donate: please contact my Dad at pastordarronboyd@gmail.com or my Mom at iwillgo.ruth@gmail.com.  Thanks!


“Working” for Uncle Gary.  Jacob learning much, “hanging out” in the hanger!





Saying goodbye to some “Mk’s” returning “home.  This is the life of the MK…..learning to say lots of “hello’s and goodbyes”. 


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