Revolving Door

Lately our overnight guest numbers have been increasing.  Also the number of guests at our table.  As the ministry expands so do the mattresses on the floor and the food passed out at the table. It is very random and unpredictable.  I’m trying not to worry too much how palatable our foreign food must taste. Also learning to add more filler to whatever is on to make the meal stretch to feed more mouths.   However, it is easy to tell that some of our strange food must be hard to swallow. 

I still giggle thinking of a very recent incident.  Some mountain guys needed some extra money and were “in town”, so Darron told them they could work in our yard for a while.  It was hot and after a while I sent Darron outside with refreshments.  Drinks and cinnamon rolls.  Darron said,  one guy shoved the whole cinnamon roll into his mouth.  His eyes began to bulge.  At last unable to chew or swallow he spit the whole thing out of his mouth, much to the delight of our anxiously anticipating golden retriever, who snatched it up before it hit the ground.  Which made everyone die laughing and begin throwing little pieces of cinnamon rolls to the dog to see if he would continue to catch them mid air.

If life wasn’t exciting enough with 4 boys spinning in and out of our door, it has become even more lively around here with our new revolving door.  I wonder who will be staying tomorrow night?  Tonight it’s 3 guys with a 6 a.m. flight.  Guess the breakfast will need to be ready by 5:30 a.m.  Boyd Bed and Breakfast, with maybe lunch too.  I’ll add Inn keeper to my growing resume.



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