I’ve almost found my groove for this school year…….but honestly, I’m still wading through adjustments.  The biggest adjustment is that Jacob is in school half time.  This has been a giant step for him and delightfully positive.  We would not have taken that leap without the wonderful encouragement of Jacob’s special education teacher.  She has faithfully walked with us these past 3 years.  Even when Mrs. Kolb could not be here for three-fourths of last school year, she still encouraged me weekly with her supporting emails.  God brought her and her husband back last school year in March.  Roger, her husband, had recovered from an extensive skin cancer surgery on his foot.  Abruptly, last Friday, the Kolb’s flew back to America because a tumor was discovered in Roger’s brain.  We are believing that God will do EXCEEDINGLY MORE than we ask for Roger and bring healing to him once again.  Please join us in praying for him.  Many many students are affected by their departure, along with all the work and responsibility that Roger carried in the IT department with MAF.

Jacob being in school half time is fueling my desire to get my nurse practitioner degree.  This has been my hearts desire for the past 10 years.  It has about reached a burning burst of energy.  Yet, I am praying to not run ahead of God and wait for the green flag from Him.  More prayer requests!!!!  There are specific things that need to happen before I can move forward.  Exceedingly More than I ask……is how I believe God will answer.

I am super excited about a NEW dream that has emerged just since last Saturday.  I was sitting in church and noticed a girl with a large wound on her elbow.  My mind wandered to an email that our doctor had sent out, regarding a seminary she is working with starting a clinic because of all the health needs.  At our school next door we have over 300 students on that campus daily.  When we chatted with the dorm parents, they enthusiastically agreed that medical help was much needed.  Wanting to go through the proper channels and inspire local leadership, this will take time and be a process.  However, the idea of providing input to medical needs locally is thrilling.  Soon we will begin the ground work of setting up a clinic.  Exceedingly more than we ask……..

Our “girls” are settling in so well.  We are very proud of them.  They are growing in their confidence to spread their wings and do things more and more on their own.  We have developed a pattern each week of our interactions together.  So on Wednesday, and Friday nights our table is full with youthful chatter.  Along with all day Saturday too.  On Sunday afternoons they usually come over to bake and/or do laundry.  I’m sure as time goes along, we will make more adjustments.  I am believing that God will use these girls exceedingly more than we ask…..

I can only imagine what and where God is taking each of you, my friends.  I know that we ALL cry out at times for just a touch of grace from above.  It’s hard sometimes to imagine that God is ready to lavish Exceedingly More than we ask……but this is what I have been pondering on all this last week.  I know it’s true.  Let me know what you are asking for and how God answers.  It will be EXCEEDINGLY MORE!





  1. "Exceedingly more!" What a great promise! Love, blessings and prayers to the Boyds from your family in Tennessee!


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