Caught Between Two Worlds, Called to ONE

He didn't ask to be brought up in a Western culture despite his Indonesian Passport, yet he was.  Attending Western level schools, eating Western food, Ryan by age sixteen is fully immersed.  A blessing most would say.  Ryan's father obtained his masters and doctorate in the  Philippines, during much of this time.  Abruptly his world changed, as Ryan's parents felt called back to their passport country to be "missionaries" in Papua.  Apprehensive, somewhat reluctant, and uncertain Ryan follows his parents to Papua.

I clearly remember the first time I met Ryan, this past August.  His story captivating me.  He was playing the clarinet for special music in church.  Beaming a beautiful smile that radiated peace.
We talked after church.  Perfect English, despite the Asian skin coloring.  Over a Mexican, Western lunch in our home, this sixteen year old boy shares his journey of the last two months.  Being placed into an Indonesian classroom, where he is forced to learn a language he has never had to understand, and deal with academic rhythms that make no sense.  Moving into a home, that fell way below the standards of what he is used to.  Being immersed in a culture that is so far removed from anything he has ever known.  Caught.  I found this boy, Ryan, caught between two worlds.  The world he grew up in and his passport world.
That afternoon as my boys and my student missionary girls, chittered and chattered around, to and over Ryan, I asked him a question.  "Ryan, are you overwhelmed?"  I'll never forget his answer.  "No, this is magical".  At last, he had stepped back into a world that was familiar to him.
Our friendship has developed over the last few months.


Many Sabbaths Ryan will join our crew as we fellowship over yummy food and outdoor excursions.  Ryan continues to radiate peace, even though he will admit that this has been difficult.  I recently asked Ryan what he intends to do upon graduating in a year and a half.  His response filled my heart with joy and pride.  "Aunt Ruth, I want to return to Indonesia and serve as a missionary."  Heart stopper!  I couldn't have paid him to have given a better answer.  Yet money, glamor and ease of life didn't grant this future goal.  Something and Someone much deeper is at work in Ryan's heart. 
So my question to you is: "Would you be willing to sponsor Ryan to attend the Christian International School that my own boys are attending?"  He needs to be back in a Western level school; however, he desires to continue to live here in Papua with his parents.  Ryan has half of his junior year and his senior year left.  The tuition is $2825.00 per semester.  Ryan's parents are getting a very meager missionary wage here, with no subsidy for this school.  Thank you for prayerfully considering sponsoring Ryan, so that he can be released from caught to be fully called.


*If you are interested in sponsoring Ryan, please message or email me and I will give you further information. 


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