And Just Like That…..It Is Finished!

Eleven and a half years is a long time.  Yet I honestly thought there was still five years left.  Unexpectedly, the long days and the short years came to an abrupt halt.  The commitment, the daily grind, the need to be extremely focused and scheduled Monday through Friday, 7:30 until 3 was taken away.  Or maybe it was given away?
I was passionate about it, fully devoted and yet burned out.  Doing something that was not my natural gifting and yet for my children, like most mothers, I would do anything.  Home school.  The early years were simple and yet muddled with ABC’s and 123’s were more babies and diapers and feedings and distractions.  How did that little boy Aubrey, learn so well?  Now he is months away from graduating and launching back into his passport culture.  His grade point average, is higher than a 4.0.  He had to teach me how that makes sense.  His younger brother Andrew, who stands taller than us all, also learned something in between re learning phonics in 3rd grade and little brothers building trains at his feet.  He also is months away from launching back into his passport culture to finish his senior year of high school State side.  Though talented at school, this boy is teaching me daily new tricks in the kitchen, talking circles around my head about computers, videography, photography, and anything he puts his mind too.  I’ll jump to the youngest…..who I learned to linger the longest in the rocking chair with.  By the fourth baby boy, I had learned that in no time did they push away and not need Mommy, so I savored each moment.  Yes, but somewhere amidst the rocking chair snuggles were multiplication tables and hundreds of chapter books read out loud.  We laughed and sometimes Mommy cried.  And it was always, “Just one more chapter Mommy, please.”  Nathaniel learned so well (probably from just over hearing all his older brothers were being taught ) that I needed to send him early to school so that he could be challenged.  Each child and each season so different.  And I’m ever so grateful that we lingered in the rocking chair together.
Jacob (the third Boyd boy), threw a twist into my home school career.  A learning disability, that we have learned to embrace together as his ABILITY.  Because even though “dyslexia” has made this boy have to work so so hard, for what comes so easy for many of us…..his focus, his ability to think outside the box, his analytical strengths and creative voice are emerging into someone with dynamic possibilities.  Last semester we felt it was time to try and nudge Jacob into school part time.  The idea of “going to REAL school” was very traumatic for Jacob.  No longer could he hide his weaknesses of struggling with reading and writing at home.  With counsel and sweet support of Jacob’s God Given Special Education Teacher (who taught him how to read with the Orton-Gillingham approach) Jacob enrolled for P.E., Science, Art, Math and band.  Day one was tough.  By day two, Jacob was thriving.  Jacob has thrived so incredibly well, and given so many readiness signals this past semester (despite his special education teacher having to leave not even a 1/4 of the way into the school year) that we decided it was time for him to do school full time.  Unbelievable. 
I am no longer a home school mom.  What???!!  How did that happen?  Just like that.  I’m relieved and yet sad.  I’m excited and yet somewhat at a loss.  I’m THRILLED and yet shaken by the fact that IT IS OVER.  The years of extreme discipline, of reading until I couldn’t read another word, of listening to words being sounded out and cross stitching, just so that I wouldn’t over correct the mis pronounced words, they are finished. 
However, I am dancing in the gift of time that I was given to spend with each of my precious boys.  Each of them are close to me. Somewhere between math drills and “you would not treat your teacher that way”, we bonded.  And so, even though this season is finished, the fruit of my labor and time is not.  To those of you who are still IN SEASON of home schooling may each day you find renewal in Jesus Christ to continue on.
Meanwhile, I’m so happy it’s Monday.  The kids are all at school.  Yippee… home school for me today.  And even though "it is finished", the fruit of my labor is just beginning!!!!


  1. Beautiful and so very well said! My oldest is graduating from college this May--our second (11years younger) is still homeschooling in 6th grade. How fast the time does fly!

  2. And???? What is keeping your hands busy these days? With no homeschooling... we have switched roles, as now I am back to homeschooling. Crazy! Enjoying it for now, but don't think I can do it long term. Going to look into schools when we get back to Canada.


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