I Will Walk, Because We Have No Planes.

It is no secret that we have no planes that can currently fly at Adventist Aviation.  One is down for repairs and one is down for a major inspection/over-haul.  Meanwhile, the work interior and the requests continue to build and weigh on those who carry them. 

So last week, Darron declared, “I will walk, because we have no planes.”  Well…..ok, then””.  Isn’t that the appropriate missionary wife response?  But honestly, this trip pushes my flexibility buttons to their peak flex.  Darron left this morning.  Dressed like a hiker with long pants and shirt and broad rimmed hat.  Big back pack.  And only the essentials.  This is the outline he gave me:

“Fly commercial into Oxibil.  Walk 2 days to Tinnibil with Jackson.  Spend Saturday in Tinnibil.  Sunday a.m. walk to Okyop.  It should be a six hour hike and there will be phone signal in Okyop.  Be there one week.  Following Sunday walk to Seminka.  2 days.  Spend one day/evening there.  Walk one more day to Batom.  There should be signal there.  They have flights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If I arrive to Batom in time, and there is room I will catch the Wednesday flight.  If not, I hope to catch the Friday flight.”

I think he was really excited.  He plans to do an evangelism meeting and meet with many people along the way.  Darron LOVES being in the far places.  He decided to pack 1/2 a cup of granola for each day along with a small packet of dried fruit for each day.  Otherwise, he will just eat whatever is available.  Which will be a dry root like potato and maybe some greens. 

Meanwhile, I put my widow grass skirt on, along with my super woman cape.  They go really well together. haha (sarcasm coping skills are in full effect).   Honestly, they really clash.  Yet, my feet are clothed in the WORD which gives me PEACE and thankfully ties the whole outfit together.   I love how a pair of shoes can do that!!!!  There are many big decisions to make over the next couple of weeks and I will just make them on my own, to my best ability, because communication will be limited to almost nothing.

I hugged the precious Umboro family goodbye this morning, as they set off to work in a distant remote island. 

All I know is that God will bless and prosper the work of His faithful servants.  I can’t wait to listen to the stories in heaven one day.  And witness every tongue and people and tribe worshipping there together.  It brings tears to my eyes, just to begin to imagine it.  And I think……It will be worth. it. all. 

Please pray.  We live in a pivotal time in the work here.


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