Happy Birthday Dad

I have the most awesome Dad.  He has always loved me with a pure heart.  He has guided and protected me in the best way that he knew how.  I have been so privileged to grow up in a home filled with love.  My Dad always worked hard so that my Mom could stay home and raise us, and home school us.  I have no idea of the sacrifices that my parents made to do that, but I am sure they were many.  Also to put me through private college and I only had to pay a fraction of it.  But more important then that was just knowing I had someone who believed in me and always wanted the best for me. 

Wish I could pop over Dad and give you a big Birthday hug.  Just know that you are thought about often.  Not a day goes by that a principle you taught me or something you have said goes zipping through my mind.  I love you deeply.




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