Junior High Retreat

This weekend had long been anticipated and planned for.  Five of us mother’s had agreed that the junior high students that attend the international school along with the home school junior high kids deserved a weekend camp out.  So it was set in motion.  Usually at our monthly meetings about 22+ students show.  To our surprise 38 students expressed that they were going to come.



Indeed 37 students registered.  Despite the rain and having to rearrange many of our plans, the weekend was a great success.  Amy (the brain mother, behind the retreat) taught a Colorful Prayer, in three different sessions.  Many games were played, Smore’s (Indonesian style), great music, yummy food, a hike to the waterfalls, bonfire, kids playing in the rain, etc. etc.




What impressed me the most was the kids.  The majority of them are missionary kids and one could tell that these children all come from intact families, that had high values.  None of those children had bad mouths or bad attitudes.  They were all attentive and respectful.  Flexibility and adaptability abounded in all situations.  I found them to be refreshing.



So now Aubrey and Andrew have a big decision.  To home school or not?  They had a great time and it seems like it would be fun to attend the international school.  Please pray for them as they consider where they will go to school next year.  I am very grateful that there are options, close to home.



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