Circle of Connectedness

Several weeks ago Darron and I took a spontaneous trip for groceries and we were delayed by 2 hours in our return, due to a graduation at a University that clogged the road.  Upon our return home at 9:00 p.m. one of our younger children was anxiously awaiting our arrival.  Almost  immediate peace and connectedness came with our entrance.  I find myself not much different in respect with my own parents.  Now that is silly!  I’m in my early forties.  I live a world away.  I left home when I was 17.  Yet, recently they were gone on a two week trip.  Toward the end of their trip I found myself watching the calendar and anticipating their return home where I could give them a phone call.  I STILL like it best when my parents are at their home and I know where they are.  How strange is that?!!!

Recently I have been reading the book, “ME the me I want to be. Becoming God’s best version of you” by John Ortberg.  (One of my favorite authors, by the way!)  He wrote something that cast some light on my child’s and my own feelings.  It bears sharing.  So Mr. Ortberg, I hope you don’t mind me quoting from you.

“British Scientist Donald Winnicott found that children who play in close proximity with their mother are more creative than children playing at a distance from her.  Winnicott found that children are naturally inventive, curious and more likely to take risks in what might be called the ‘circle of connectedness’.  When they are within this circle, they take more risks.  They show more energy.  If they fall down, they are more likely to get back up.  They laugh more than children who are outside the circle. …………As Children grow older and capable of more abstract thought, the circle gets bigger.  When they are a one-year-old, maybe they want to be within a few inches of their mom.  When they are two, they can be several feet away, but still in the circle.  When they are three, the circle may be as big as a house. 
How about when they are fifteen – how far away do they want to be then?  The circle in now the size of the solar system…….
When love is working correctly, this sense of connectedness becomes internal.  Initially, it is a very physical connection.  When life begins, there is actually physical attachment.  As we get older, we carry it around inside of us, and eventually we can take it with us wherever we go.” p 183-185

I’m very thankful that the circle of connectedness that I feel with my parents reaches all the way to Indonesia.  I still cherish the times we had together with them this summer.  Where a lot of love, joy, concerns, council, deep thoughts, etc. was shared.  I will share with you some of my  favorite photo’s of our time together.  It makes the circle seem smaller and in my heart it’s not far at all from Indonesia to my parents home because I can take them with me, wherever I go.  Now if only they would carry their cell phones and leave them on, I'm sure it wouldn't matter where they wandered at all!!!!  (jk Mom and just go ahead and roam the world.  One day, pop over to Sentani for a nice cool drink and some more memories to fill up my blog!)




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