So I borrowed these amazing pictures from Aubrey and Andrew’s math teacher…..who was also Andrew’s group leader on O.E. (Outdoor Education).  This is a 2 week trip interior where the whole high school goes and works.  They do AIDS presentations, kids clubs, work on buildings, install water tanks, clinics, work on buildings etc.  This trip is not a cushy mission trip.  It’s simple tribal living, with no electricity and bathing in the freezing river.  I only heard a few stories as the boys came muddy and tired but satisfied and within 24 hours I left for Thailand.  The pictures show much.  Perhaps in time we can share more stories. 


  1. Do you check for new comments from readers? How about on " Stop. Don't Apologize" ? Are you open to contact? Because there's no way to contact you. This blog seems to be a Closed Door, with no access to heart. :-(

    1. Sorry for the long delay. We live in a 3rd world where internet access is limited and frustrating. Praying for you, as you feel "Unheard". Mainly that you will feel heard from those close to you...... thanks for reading.


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