Garlic Presses and Humble Servants

I’m not quite sure how and why I say yes……but I do and so this last Monday found me preparing for around 20 pastors wives to come to my home and learn how to cook American.  I was kind of in denial about it all the way up until Monday morning when denial needed a kick in the pants.  At that point, in between a full day of home schooling I weaved in a trip to the market, hunting down 50+ extra plates, extra drinking containers and food prep.  Fortunately I was not alone.  My house helper joyfully put in a 12 hour day.  And my new blessed cook showed up at 2p.m. to help prep all the food.  I home schooled until noon.  It is amazing what can be accomplished in the school room when “teacher” has an agenda.  Then beside feeding my hungry gang at noon, all of the above stuff and translating recipe’s into Indonesian……whew, I was worn out before anyone arrived.


The event was set for “sore” which means latish afternoon, but at 2:30 I hear the dogs bark and the gate squeak open.  I slap on my happy pastoral wife face and warmly press my cheek onto both sides of each ladies cheeks that walked through my door.  Honestly, I was honored to have them in my home and to be serving them this way.  I was just lacking a bit on emotional energy and not functioning in my true area of giftedness (which would be medical, not cooking).  Along with the pastoral wives came their sweet children and committed husbands. 

We waited for 2 hours, just visiting, while waiting for the mission presidents wife to arrive.  At 4:30 when she came, the event could start.  My culture was stretched as we had a whole worship service before the “cooking class” would start.  Hymns were sung, a sermonette was given, prayer requests were taken, prayers were offered, another hymn and time ticked on.  At 5:20 when “worship” was over and a discussion was taking place on a summer event, I sheepishly squirmed in my  chair…..raised my hand and suggested that we start cooking and could finish the discussion while eating.  To which there were many hearty agreements. 




From 5:20 to 6:15 we made 2 pot pies, a bowl full of Tabouli salad,  along with a Carrot salad, oat crackers, and tortillas.  Already on the table was cinnamon rolls and water melon and rice.  I and Ibu Ebe switched back and forth demonstrating different recipe’s.  They absolutely LOVED my Pampered Chef garlic press.  They pressed many cloves of garlic because they all wanted to try it.  They asked if I could bring them all back a garlic press?





At 6:15 we called in all the pastors and children who had been enjoying roasting corn over a fire, talking and jumping on the trampoline.

The food was quickly consumed.  Many questions were asked and photo’s taken.  The important discussion was finished and with crackers in hand to take home and share or a fresh tortilla stuffed with beans, the ladies each thanked me.  Cheek to cheek.  Heart to heart.

These women truly are humble servants.  I have marveled to “watch” the pastor’s wives here.  They are so faithful to follow their husbands and be so supportive.  Often following him on visits and to multiple meetings over scattered districts.  Many of them travelling on just one motor bike, with their whole family squished together.  These mommies tend to little children through long meetings and they just do it.  They are beautiful inside and out. 

By 8:30 p.m. everyone had left.  Even my house helper and cook, who had washed every dish, put it away, swept and moped the floors…….what blessed women!!!!  I flop onto the couch emotionally drained (I don’t want you to think I am super woman).  And I ponder, how can I get 20 + garlic presses from America to here?  If you would like to sponsor some presses for some very dear ladies who work and serve with nothing in comparison to you and me, let me know.  We can work on the details! : )

As always thanks for reading.  I’m glad that God asks us sometimes to do things that push us out of our comfort zones and even push us emotionally, etc.  It is good to be reminded of our humanness and also to be reminded that sometimes it is OK to say no and yes and no some more. : )  With much learning left to do, Ruth


  1. So fun! You are such a gifted woman! And what a funny thing for everyone to love! A garlic press!!! hope you find a way to take some back to them!!


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