Let’s TALK!!!! Women to Women!

Hair.  That’s the topic.  Thick. Thin. Short. Medium. Long. Curly. Straight.  Everything in between.  Most of us disillusioned with our own.  Longing for someone else’s hair. 

Yet, let’s be honest.  If you have a “good” hairstylist it really doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have.  They will make you look and feel great.  I have been privy to sit under the talent of “good” hands with scissors (thanks Mom and Lea and Laurie).  Since moving to Asia I have also fallen victim to sit under the hands of many “not so good” with scissors.  Fortunately “hair grows”.  HA!  Grow it does and where does the missionary woman “go” with growing hair and the desire to feel pampered and cared for? 

Possible solution #1: HOME, to her passport country!  That is the simplest solution.  Not very practical for the hair budget and time constraints.  So throw that option out the window, except for furlough time.  Which for very few of us is every year, but for most every 2.5 – 3 years.  The average hair growth is 6 inches a year.  So for most expatriate women, we are talking half a foot to a foot and a half of hair growth.  We must talk!!!

Possible solution #2: Hmmmm…..risk it again at a local salon?  After all, Missionary *Suzie, got a great cut last week at such and such a hair shop on the main street.  The risk is high.  When I asked *Suzie about her experience she confessed, “Some cuts have been good and some have been horrible, but you can’t beat the price!”  Thank you for your optimism *Suzie!!!  Way to be a “good” missionary!  : )

Possible solution #3:  Ask your friend to cut it.  Honestly, she will do as great of, if not better, job then the local hair dresser.  It does put high pressure on your friend.  Also some hair is more forgiving than others.  My hair (straight and thin) equals NO FORGIVENESS.  Every cut shows. Some girls survive this way.  Nothing like helping a friend with a hair coloring job, a perm, or a cut.  It is great for female bonding.  Throw some chocolate in there and it is a perfect day in the mission land.

Possible solution #4:  cut it yourself.  YEP!  Missionary friend *Betty does.  Honestly she pulls it off with class!  This way, there is no one to blame, but yourself.

Possible solution #5:  Ask your husband to cut your hair for you.  Ya, that really is not an option, at least not in my house.

Possible solution #6:  Wear your growing hair with pride.  Twirl it, curl it.  Pony tail it.  Bun it.  Do nothing with it.  Put a hat on it.  Don’t worry about it.  Clip it.  Snip it.  Let people see YOU for who you really are….  frumpy hair and all. 

When I really, really get to the HEART of this hair thing I am beginning to understand that the missionary friends I admire most, have pretty pathetic hair doo’s** (sorry ladies).  Most of them haven’t been privy to have an awesome cut in many moons.  Casually and confidently (or maybe not so) they just seem to go with it, pulling their hot hair off their necks and just not worrying about it.  It’s not flattering…….but it’s not what I SEE. 

I see their joy.  I see their peace.  I see their service and sacrifice and what they are doing for the Lord in a place far from home.  I see their face and hair for who they really are, not perfectly manicured and made up.  And the bottom line and reality is:  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!  That inner beauty shining out.

So let’s talk ladies!  Where does our joy and peace and beauty and focus come from?  “Let your adornment be…..the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. 1 Peter 3:4

Meanwhile, I’m pulling my hair back in another no nonsense clip.  It’s going to be another hot day in the mission land.  Yesterday, I almost gave in to some Asian scissors, but instead opted for a cream bath (a head, neck and upper back massage using a thick cream on the hair).  Casually and confidently (or maybe not so) I’ll wait until next furlough.


*names changed to protect the innocent

**Forgive my generalization. I do have quite a few missionary friends that have gorgeous hair and look put together all the time.  Coveting?  Jealous?  Never!!!! ; )


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  2. Love it!!! Maybe there is some work I can do as a missionary...
    It, I could give you some tips on cutting your own hair, or help Darron so he can trim your hair...

  3. There is something I could do in the mission field!! 😊
    Or next time you're home I can give you & Darron tips on cutting your hair!!

  4. Sheri that is sweet of you. You could come on a short mission trip and we could open up a temporary hair salon!
    : )


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