10 Months too Late. One Month too Early.

If receiving physical mail in your mail box is rare, here in third world no where, it is almost unheard of.  Actually we don’t have a mail box.  We have a P.O. Box, shared by the Aviation campus here.  Us, like you, delight to received hand written notes. They are so meaningful.  Yet we wouldn’t trade instant communication and modern advances.

At the beginning of November (2017) I was quite surprised to open this envelope: 

Dated: December 6, 2016


What a lovely charming Christmas card.  From. Last. Year.  Yes, it was 10 months too late and one month too early. 


THANKYOU Auntie Sonia and Uncle Allan!!!!

I actually have been DISAPPOINTED in how few Christmas cards we receive here in the mission field.  Isn’t the point of a Christmas greeting, is to remind people that they are thought of?  In America we would overflow with Christmas cards.  Many of them were handed to us at church by people we saw every week (that kind of humored me also).  Many of them just had the peoples signature on them.  That seemed kind of pointless also. 

So sorry.  I am standing on a little soap box today.  The Christmas Card soap box.  It is not intended to create guilt or remorse. 

Just a gentle reminder that Christmas greetings to people flung around the globe really are meaningful and still appreciated.  Even if they are 10 months too late and one month too early. 

If you would like to hurry up and put your greeting in the mail, it theoretically should be to us in about 2 weeks.  Which leads me to wonder if we have a break down in our mail pick up system?!?  What???…..bah humbug, that could never happen!!!!   ha ha

Excuse my sarcasm. 

We would love to hear from you.  The address is listed above.  Thanks so much!!!!!  And SEASON GREETINGS. 


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