Between 12 and 40

It’s always fun to kick the New Year off with 2 birthdays almost back to back.  Andrew turned 12 on January 12.  We promised to help build him a large out door, walk in, bird cage for his Parrot that will arrive once the cage is built.  However, before the great building project took place, all the boys, Darron and Zach went for a hike to the local waterfall.  Darron said it was pristine.  All the boys came back with glowing reports of adventure and beauty.  Then Darron and Andrew went to multiple little supply stores looking for the parts to build this cage.  Nobody carried screws.  Where was Home Depot?  And once again we are learning that NOTHING happens fast in Papua.  Eventually we will get the screws and the parrot cage will begin it’s construction. 

Andrew really wanted some cream cheese for his Birthday.  We have not eaten any since arriving to Indonesia.  I found a 3 pound block for $16 dollars. Quite an extravagant purchase!!!!  : ) Half of it went in the freezer, but with the other half we have been having fun with.  Anyone remember the Peanut Butter Pie?  Wa….Enak Sekali!  Very delicious.

IMG_9427 (640x427)


IMG_9424 (640x427)


On Saturday evening we threw a party for Darron’s 40th (January 17).  He was a sport as we made him wear a tacky hat and an even tackier corsage.  Our friends, John and Wendy, gave him the funniest gag gift of some beetle nut.  Many of the locals are addicted to it.  They chew and spit.  Leaving their teeth red and splattering of red in the dirt also.  In time it loosens their gums and they loose teeth.  Also is known to cause oral cancer, etc.  John felt really funny buying it!  I think Darron felt even funnier owning it for the few hours he did, before ditching it.  We all enjoyed playing group games and the kids played in the dark outside until the stars were glimmering ever so brightly.

IMG_9432 (640x427)

“40 Rocks!”

IMG_9439 (640x427)

John and Darron “trying” Beetle Nut. (Not really).  Bob Roberts looking on! : )

IMG_9433 (640x427)

Zach (a great “big brother” mentor to my boys) and Stephanie (the Roberts daughter who is serving as a student missionary this year for Darron).

IMG_9438 (640x427)

The boys playing a game under Stephanie’s direction.


Darron begins his travels this week.  Flying to two distant places on this Island.  He is excited and anxious to start casting his vision, but already he is meeting challenges that we did not dream of.  This job will test him to the upmost.  But Boyd men love a great challenge and I know the God we serve will bless the dreams and visions of my man. 


Rocks, Boulders and Dirt still lay on the runway.  Meetings are scheduled for the beginning of the week to try bring some resolve to this situation. 


Specific prayer needs:

a. That the runway issues will get resolved.

b. For Darron’s health and safety as he travels, and that he can proceed with his goals.

c. That our papers can be taken care of ever so quickly so we can drive our car that taunts us (beside our house) every day.


As always….thanks for reading and praying.  For now I’m hanging out somewhere between 12 and 39!


  1. Happy b-day andrew!!!! Hope it was great!! (that pie looked delicious)

  2. Ruth, you look so tanned, and it looks like you are making some good friends there. So glad. Happy Birthday to Andrew and Darron! The cake looks yummy! I'm sure it will be long remembered! Will be praying for Darron, and for you as you hold down the fort.

  3. Wow! I have not posted in a while...sorry...So very happy that Andrew and Darron had wonderful birthday memories this year. Missing you all. And, of course prayers for Darron's safety and the success of the Lord's work there. You are also in my prayers with those precious boys! Love to you all- Ida


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