The Fairy Is Here

Growing up Mother and I would often labor together in the kitchen over a meal. Using this pot, pan, bowl, cutting board, knives, spoons, more bowls, more pans….you know the scenario all to well.  Because it is repeated in kitchens all across the world.  Then the meal is consumed and even more dishes are dirtied.  Yet nothing is as satisfying and gratifying as eating a yummy home cooked meal by Mom and the family chitter chatter that can only occur at such occasions or routines.  Then the time always arrives, when enough food has been consumed and relaxation taken place, to clean up.  My mother and I would often say, “Oh, if only the Fairy’s would come and clean it all up for us.”  Perhaps we hoped if we said it loud enough the male “Fairy’s” (Dad and brother’s) would hear.

As I ventured off and had my own family the same constant onslaught of dirty dishes was ever present.  Dishwashers became a blessing.  If nothing else the dirty dishes were being washed by a machine and hidden out of sight.  From time to time I thought of “Fairy’s”.  I always was thankful when my husband or sons jumped in to help.

Moving to Indonesia has increased the amount of dirty dishes created at each meal.  Making everything from scratch equals more bowls, spoons, pans and pots.  Also we are still having to heat all our hot water on the stove.  So dishwashing is a CHORE!  But who would think that one would have to travel half way around the world to have Fairy’s show at last?  Here there are Fairy’s.

Most days my house helper comes and washes every single dirty dish that I make.  Not only are those dishes washed, but the pans SHINE.  Then they are dried and put away.  Confession…..I do most of my cooking in the morning, just so that all the dishes get done before my helper leaves!!!!  Isn’t  that awful?  Perhaps this is every cooks dream?  To prepare the food and then someone else clean up.

Yesterday the pump to our well broke, so our house was without water for several hours.  I was unable to wash the dishes before we left for aerobics at the pool.  “No problem” you say.  “We often leave dirty dishes in the sink”.  The following pictures show what I found after 4 short hours of being gone. The pictures do not do justice to the scene at hand.   Needless to say, I was the ant Fairy and dish Fairy on our return home. 

IMG_9606 (427x640)

IMG_9608 (640x427)



Now don’t worry, I won’t forget how to do the dishes.  Currently I am without a house helper 4 days a week.  So even with forced “Fairy” labor (boys having to help do dishes), I am still getting lots of practice.  But Mom, this blog was to let you know….The Fairy’s are here!!!!


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