If Boy’s Could Fly

If a boy had wings or a way to invent any flying contraption, I am convinced that most would try to fly.  At least the boys in my family.  Super Man PJ’s have inspired imaginary flights.  Books have taken them on flights around the world.  Computer flight simulators have taken them everywhere they wanted to go.  I think all of them have jibber jabbered to me at one time or another about wanting to fly or soar or jump from high places.  Usually I just smile and nod little mothering nods as they ramble on about these dreams and desires.

Moving here to live on an aviation base, I knew that there would be a possibility that opportunities would arise for the boy’s to fly.  But when reality becomes truth it becomes a little bit harder to mask on the smile and nod the approving head and let them soar.  Yet mothering has this way of pulling the apron strings a little looser as the years fly by and so Aubrey took his first flight to the mountains this week.

It’s all my own fault really.  Aubrey was bored.  I knew that he was highly motivated to do anything to be able to fly.  So one evening when I saw “Uncle Bob”, I asked if Aubrey could work for him, not for pay, but to fly.  Without much hesitation at all, Uncle Bob assigned Aubrey to clean his “Chief Pilot” office.  The next morning, I don’t think I have ever seen home school assignments finished so quickly and Aubrey was gone.  Working away.  He was late to lunch.  Then he worked more.  The next day, he was back at it.  Soon becoming “Uncle Bob’s shadow” or shall we call it his “Apprentice”? 

Then Aubrey caught wind that on Sunday Uncle Bob was going to fly the plane back onto the base here, despite the piles of rocks and dirt still in the way.  AND there would be room for Aubrey.  He was beside himself with excitement and anticipation.  They made deliveries up into the mountains, making four landings and take offs.  The day was very gusty.  Uncle Bob allowed Aubrey to take over the controls on all but the landings and take offs.  Oh the glow in his eyes and the excitement in his voice over supper that night.

“Aunt Jan” was there to catch his face when they landed with camera.  I was coming across the field, clicking away.  They did not waste any time to push the plane into the hanger, lest we create more frustration with the upset locals.  When I spoke to Aubrey I asked, “Are you addicted?”  His response was, “Yeah!”  I muttered an “Oh no!” and Aunt Jan exclaimed, “How do you think I feel with all 3 of my guys flying?”  Both her husband and 2 grown sons are all missionary pilots.  Honestly, deep down inside I am proud that my boy’s can fly.

Aubrey is on to more work and projects with Uncle Bob and Andrew is trying to help too because he does not want to get left behind.  Meanwhile, I’ll stay grounded and pray that God will continue to mold and shape these boys to be Godly men that will soar with purpose and mission for Him. 

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