Puppy Love Continued…..

Having never raised a liter of puppies before, I never truly knew the meaning of “dog pile”.  I quickly learned those first few weeks of puppy life that they LOVE to dog pile.  Sleeping all on top of each other.  Nursing their mother, scrambling all over each other.  The bigger the pile, the more content they were.  At times they would cry having already been fed.  I could simply pile them all into a laundry basket and they would quiet right down.  That laundry basket helped us babysit those first few weeks.

By week three, the puppies all had teeth and we began to introduce food.  Which they attacked with great eagerness.  Now 3 times a day the puppies get very excited when they see their food coming. 



The puppies spend most of their day outside.  As the work of them inside, was just too much to keep up with.  We tried to put them in a little pen, but it just drove the mother crazy.  She found a way to get get them out and moved them all into the dirt/mud.  So we just have to let them roam around.  Fortunately they stay close to the house.


There is only one that we can identify for sure.  So we now have them all color coded with ribbons so that we can tell them apart.  They are almost 5 weeks old.  We have enjoyed raising these sweet little puppies.





  1. And what happens when they are old enough to go? Do you have homes for them? Or are you keeping any of them? They are soooo gorgeous! If only we weren't oceans apart, I would put my bid in for one! :-)


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