They are Family

For 17 years now Darron and I have been blessed to know Jeff and Missy Jordan.  We are endeared to them for many reasons.  #1.  They are a pastoral couple.  #2.  They have 4 boys just the right ages, to give each of our boys a buddy.  #3.  Everybody thinks Missy and I are sisters.  For the first time this summer we stopped explaining that “no we are not sisters”  , instead we just smiled and shook our heads in agreement when asked.


Their hearts are mega huge.  Jeff is deaf and his job is being a pastor to the deaf all over the world.  He live streams his sermons into a virtual church (  and travels at least once a year to a foreign country.  Both the Philippines and India have welcomed his work.  Many other countries would love Jeff to come…..but how much can one man do?  Missy goes way beyond the call of the “typical” pastor’s wife.  Countless times she is Jeff’s voice and Jeff’s ears.   We first got to know Jeff in seminary, because Darron and I took a signing class taught be Jeff.  He is a dynamic teacher.  Jeff is still teaching at the University level.


Missy and I began our journey of friendship when their first born son Noah was brand new and we were attending a minister’s meeting.  I was newly pregnant and drinking in Missy’s experiences.  We were both living in Atlanta and from that point on, we made an effort to start connecting.  So our boys have played together all of these years.  I’ll never forget my response when Missy told me that she was pregnant with baby #4.  I said, “Missy, don’t tell me that… means we will be having another one too.”  Sure enough……   LOL!  Talk about kindred spirits. 

So summer is not summer without hanging out with the Jordan’s.  The boys always go to summer camp together.  This year was a FIRST…..we all had a sleep over!!!!!  Usually we would just swap kids,(giving parents a much needed break) but Darron and I needed a place to sleep too one night. : )  We are glad that being missionaries has not put a damper on our friendship with the Jordan family.  As one of their boys said this summer, “Mom, they are our family too!”










It has been so much fun watching our 8 boys grow up together.  Missy and I have shared the joys of teepee cups and now the joys of teenagers.  We are already anticipating our time with the Jordan’s next summer….after all, they are family.


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