No Kiss Goodbye

Darron left this morning, on an exploration trip.  He had just returned from a weekend trip to Papua New Guinea (the East half of our Island, but a different country).  There he was, travelling hours into the bush, meeting with Indonesian’s who have immigrated there.  In the brief hours Darron was home, he chatted away about the things he saw and observed.  It was a very stimulating parts of 3 days.  With many possibilities for ministry.  He saw thousands of acres of land stripped bare from the making of palm oil.  Also met with many people who were disappointed from turning over their land and not receiving any or little compensation in return. 

So with all these thoughts whirling in his head and less then 18 hours, pit stop at home…..he was off again, with Pastor Desmond.  This time, back to Nabire.  Those two men have many things on their agenda…..but one of their plans is tomorrow they are taking a helicopter ride trying to locate unreached tribes.  If any of you have watched the movie, “End of the Spear”, scenes from that are flittering through my head as I listen to Darron on my hand phone this evening.  He talked about one group, known to not be friendly.  So they are planning on dropping some roots that many native people like to eat and maybe some rice.  I swallow hard.

Normally I don’t ask Darron to call me when he is gone.  I am happy with a simple text here and there.  But tonight I did ask that tomorrow he would call me when they return.  I don’t think it is too much to ask.  After all, we didn’t even kiss goodbye.  We were to shy in Pastor Desmond’s presence and it is pushing the culture here. 

I ask for your prayers as Darron and Desmond push into the unknown.


  1. Praying for safety for your hubby and Pastor Desmond.

  2. John and I can't kiss at the airport when he is in uniform, so we have our good-bye kiss at the car before going in. Maybe next time you'll remember to have it at home before leaving. Here's hoping. :) Wendy


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