Ta Rah I’m off to see the Queen

As many of you know, my dear Nanny (who was as sweet as a queen) struggled over the last few months and in January she breathed her last surrounded by many who loved her. (See my recent blog http://iwillgoruth.blogspot.com/2013/09/is-that-you-my-love.html honoring my Nanny)


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Nanny in America, with me….guessing I am in my mid teens.


The news of her death affected me deeply.  She was the grandparent that I had felt the closest too.  Despite living thousands of miles apart.  Despite not seeing her for 15 years.  15 years???  That hurt.  That I had not prioritized going to see her in England in 15 years.  Oh I had my reasons…..having 4 babies, home schooling, not enough money in the budget, part time working.  Life was so full.  But now that her life is gone, was my life really that full?

young family

So I told Darron that I would like to go to England this year.  Whenever.  Now or later.  Coming or going from furlough.  Obviously not for Nanny.  I’m too late for her.  Honestly for my self and the rest of the family.  The older I get, the more important I think our roots and our family are.  The more important I think “staying in touch” is.  It has been 15 years since I have seen many of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  I have no idea, other then flashes on Face Book what their lives are like.

Darron encouraged me to see if I could just go now.  Now to the memorial.  Now while my parents are there.  Now while my brother is there. Now.

I had nothing to urge….now or later, was fine.  However, to go when my parents would be there made sense.  We could wander about England together.  They could show me snatches and windows into my early childhood.  They could introduce me to family and friends.  I could spend time with them and my brother (double bonus), Nick.  We could make memories.  We could mourn together, something I have not been able to do when my other 3 grandparents have died.  Now, made sense.

Yet it is not a simple feat to leave a family of 5 guys in a 3rd world environment.  It is not a short little flight across the country.  Darron has a meeting in Bali during that time.  Aubrey will go flying off into the jungle during that time for 2 full weeks of school (O.E…..outdoor education), where the high school kids will WORK (more on that later).  The younger boys still need to be homeschooled and shuffled to their activities. Who would do that while Darron was gone too?  Andrew’s life is full to the brim with Papuan soccer, working out, and after school activities….what would he do?

So we prayed and started pushing on the doors and they all have swung open.

Tickets at a good price.

Parents, excited about it.  Brother too (I think LOL).

Aubrey asked for dried fruit for his jungle trek. Done.  I can’t go with him anyway….so he will be fine.

Darron still going to Bali and I will fly back through Bali and spend 36 hours with him (oh yeah, tropical honeymoon time).

“Oma”, has agreed to spend the week that Darron is gone.  She is quite excited about it.  AND she is a teacher, so those younger boys will not get away with no school.  This is a huge gift from her and I don’t take it lightly.

Andrew will take a helmet to school and catch motorcycle taxies home each afternoon.

Freezer is fully stocked.  The huge positive in Nanny’s memorial being almost at the end of February, is that I had time to get everything in order for my family.


And so I’m almost off for a 12 day adventure.  The emotions are mixed as it is a long time to be away from family, and part of the focus of our trip is to mourn and celebrate the beautiful life of my Nanny, and at the same time…super excited to be going to see my extended family.  And yes…..very much looking forward to seeing the queen.  My mother.  She is as lovely as any queen could possibly be.  She is that and more to me.



  1. So sweet, Ruth, your post. I wondered what was taking you to England. I'm so happy for you that everything has worked out enabling you to go and be in relative peace about your absence from home. I hope you have a beautiful time.

  2. Yay! Soooo incredibly glad that you get to go to your nanny's memorial! And to spend time with your awesome parents and brother! I did not regret going to my grandmother's funerals - even though it cost me THOUSANDS of dollars! So worth it! And I do regret not going to my grandfather's funeral. So yes! Your family will be all the stronger for letting you go! :-) Can't wait to read a blog about your comings and goings in England!

  3. WONDERFUL!!! Give the Queen MANY HUGS!!!


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